Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Busy Day...

James has been one sweet boy today! He has been VERY tolerant of what his mama and his Cacky have been up to! What a good boy!

Mama came up to our house around 11 today. She and I ate lunch together at home and then when James woke up we threw him in the car (after he ate) and headed to Macon. The sole purpose (no pun intended) was to go shoe shopping. I also needed a dress for Easter. The search for an Easter dress is never fun for me. It's even less fun this year since I have yet to lose the remaining 10 pounds of baby/nursing weight and things just don't fit right.

We started our adventure off at Steinmart. Love that store! I must've tried on 400 dresses while we were there. I settled on two, then on one and proceeded to carry it around the store while I looked for a camisole to go under it. I tried it on with the camisole and then realized I just didn't like it. I did, however, find wedding shoes. Yea!

We left Steinmart and after a short getting-lost situation, we arrived safely at destination number two: Dillard's. I must've tried on 400 more dresses and found absolutely zero. I did find a cute dress for Mama while I was there, though. $75 off a Calvin Kline dress is not bad!

Stop number three was Ross. Do you know about Ross? Oh my heavens, it's my favorite dress shopping store if you don't have anything in mind and don't mind picking through the racks. I tried on 11 dresses there (I know because they only allow 8 at a time in their dressing room...they're very particular) and found - once again - zero. (James took a nap in the stroller almost the entire time we were in Ross. Sweet boy! He even got a treat from Cacky - a pirate ship - that he couldn't wait to play with tonight!)

Unfortunately, I came home with only my wedding shoes. Eddie is thanking his lucky stars that I didn't find anything that fit. I really need to think about trying to get my body back in shape so that clothes might look nice. In the meantime, we had dinner at Casa Mexico tonight and I left feeling like I needed to be rolled to the car. That makes sense, right? Ha!

Maybe tomorrow I'll go for a walk!

On a different note, the baby swing is now hung and someone pitched a royal fit when he had to come inside for a bath tonight. I am not lying when I say he stood underneath it and cried when it was time to come in. Hallelujah for fun outside toys!

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Lauren said...

haha. i know the feeling. i keep going shopping and walking out empty handed. i just cant find anything that fits right! ugh!