Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Update...Animals!

On Saturday morning we headed out on an adventure! We packed up our bags and headed to downtown Atlanta to visit Zoo Atlanta with Papa and YaYa!

When we arrived we had a picnic lunch and tried to keep James from stepping on all the food. After we wrapped that up, we decided to head in to the zoo. It was CROWDED because it's been the most beautiful, warmest weekend so far!

First stop, flamingos!

The elephants were James' favorite animals of the day. He made his elephant noise (complete with trunk raising!) while we were watching and asked the elephants to hold him. :) This is one of the elephants that has lived at Zoo Atlanta since 1986.

He also really like the warthogs and the meerkats (seen here). I think the meerkats were a hit because he could stand on the ground and still see them.

Since James wouldn't wear his hat, someone needed to wear it!

James showed some interest in the gorillas, but mainly because they were eating while we were there. I tried to remind him that he won't eat oranges at home, but he insisted he needed one. We settled for goldfish instead.

We didn't get to see the newest addition to the pandas. It was far too crowded to wait in that line! I didn't realize that pandas are solitary. Once they're old enough to find food on their own (or in the case of Zoo Atlanta's animals...just eat bamboo that's brought to them), they're sent away from the mother, who thinks the cub becomes competition. So all of the pandas on exhibit are in independent enclosures.

James also really liked the pigs! Again, I think it might have been because he could stand on the ground and see them. I'm not sure why his legs look so shrimpy here! :) He's short-legged, but not that short-legged!

The petting zoo only had goats but James was interested.

But he was also a little frightened by them!

We rode the train (he had no interest in it at all except to wave to Papa and YaYa - and he hated the tunnels) and then went to see the elephants one more time.

To round out our animal viewing, we went next door when we got to Dad and Laura's to see Mr. Billy's new baby goats!

We had dinner at the Alpine Bakery in Alpharetta and it was WONDERFUL. James had a meltdown while we were there, he fell through his high chair, he didn't want anything to eat, I dropped our to-go boxes on the floor (they were safe!), and spilled my water on Eddie. But, other than that, it was great! :) We'll try again another time! Ha!

Sunday morning we went on another field trip to see the goats!

James enjoyed feeding them pears.

Then, James and Papa went for a tractor ride!

Grandmommie visited after she got out of Sunday School. James had fun taking toys to her. He was busy while she was there!

Soon, it was time to head back to our house. I had a meeting at the church which I actually wound up missing because the traffic was so terrible when we left. No big deal, though!

We had a great weekend! I wish most weekends were that pretty! We are coming up on what very well may be the busiest week of James' short little life. I don't think we've ever had this much to do in a week! Yesterday after we got back from Atlanta I had to cook dinner for one of Eddie's co-workers. Definitely didn't mind it, it just added to the busy-ness! Every day this week we have Bible School from 3:30-5 at church. Tomorrow we have out-of-town friends visiting. Wednesday we have our regular morning Bible Study. Thursday we're visiting James' new preschool. Friday after Bible School we're going to a play. Saturday we're heading to Tifton for lunch with Eddie's family for his birthday (maybe?), a birthday party for a friend's child that afternoon, and then Dinner Club Saturday night. All that in addition to our regular errand-running and eating/napping/playing schedule. Whew! Hopefully we'll live through it!

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