Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Update...

Our weekend was pretty good. As always, it was over too quickly and we were back to reality this morning (after being up too late last night). I have a case of the Mondays BIG time today!

I have a little helper around our house these days. He likes to follow me from room to room and "help" me fold laundry or dust or unload the dishwasher. Friday morning it happened to be folding laundry in our room. I do have to trap him wherever we are by closing doors but usually he'll just play in whatever room we happen to be in until we move on to something else. We have a laundry basket in our room (a big, wicker one...not the plastic kind...although if you open the wicker one you'll find a plastic one! Ha!) and James enjoys sitting on it and looking out the window while I'm in our room. Friday morning he was also wearing my pajamas. :) His new obsession with "dress up" has Eddie baffled and concerned but I love it. We might be asking Santa for dress up clothes this year (of the superhero kind, of course!).

On Friday night we went to our neighbors' house for pizza. They have two boys and we have some other friends who have two boys so there's always lots of playing when we all get together. James has gotten to the age where he thinks he can keep up with them. Eddie let him play with them in the backyard for a bit but there's a swimming pool and he slows the big boys down so it didn't last too long. He was a sweet boy and we actually wound up staying until after 10! He was exhausted when we got home, though, and ready for bed!

Saturday morning Dad, Laura, and Anna came to our house to go to lunch together. We celebrated Dad's birthday while they were here. Dad chose Mellow Mushroom and it was delicious. I got the best sandwich! They stayed for a few hours to play with James. He hadn't had a morning nap (despite my attempts at still taking two naps a day, I think he's trying to push for just one) so when they left we put him down immediately. Anna called about 10 minutes later and laughed that he was already asleep!

Saturday night we stayed in for dinner and Eddie worked on a fix-it project. About a week ago I walked into the kitchen and tried to flip on the light and realized it was out. We have to fluorescent banks in the kitchen and one of them was totally out. Not just a bulb in the bank...the whole thing. After several conversations with people at Lowe's and checking the wires, he discovered it was the ballast (?) and had to replace the whole thing. Of course, his little helper was under foot the whole time!

Sunday we got up and went to church and Sunday School. Both were great but the weather was yucky and I just wanted to snuggle up in the bed! The Sunday School lesson was actually a really great attitude check for me. I've been an ill pill about a few things lately and have really just gotten upset over things that should not matter. Isn't it funny how God straightens us out from time to time? The Sunday School lesson was actually a "filler" week between books that we're working on and an Andy Griffith Show lesson was used. It worked for me, though! It was all about slowing life down and worrying about the bigger picture instead of the tiny details of life.

Sunday afternoon Eddie worked on his "homework" and James and I tried to stay out of his hair. (Ha!) James was not a happy camper that he needed to play with me instead of his daddy. He is Eddie's little shadow. Have I mentioned that when I get him out of bed in the mornings he asks for his "Da-Da?" We have a huge daddy's boy on our hands and Eddie loves it!

We cannot catch a break when it comes to our house. Not 24 hours after Eddie fixed the light in the kitchen I opened the cabinet under the sink to discover standing water. It wasn't all that noticable in the front of the cabinet so I'm not sure how long it had been there. The bottom of the cabinet hadn't been damaged and we're thankful for that. The only reason I even noticed is because it had finally crept toward the front and had saturated the garbage bag box. We realized very quickly that our garbage disposal (that is probably as old as the house) has finally died. The bottom of it is ruined and all the water that goes down that side of the sink is slowly dripping out. I drained and rinsed black beans on that side yesterday afternoon and they were all over the bottom of the cabinet. Wonderful! Seriously. We cannot.catch.a.break. I think it's been this way since we moved in. Life is stinky sometimes.

So that was our weekend. How was yours? Hopefully next weekend our plans won't be rained out! And maybe nothing in our house will quit on us!

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Catherine White said...

That sounds like our luck on this rental. =(. I worked in the yard allllllllll weekend. Well minus spending four hours at the school on Saturday and homework for six hours on Sunday. I can't wait to have our own house. However, we don't want to lose location. The dress up photos are precious!