Thursday, March 3, 2011

This Week...

In my effort to have fewer posts with more pictures, I decided I'd do a post about our entire week. Yes, it's only Thursday, but I have time today and it's not everyday that I'm able to sit down, edit pictures, and throw a post on the blog during an afternoon nap. (If I'm lucky I might be able to read when I'm finished!)

First, Happy 42nd Birthday to Papa! (I asked him earlier what age he'd rather be and that's what he chose. He's only 15 years older than me and 8 years older than Eddie!)

I'm not sure what we did on Monday but apparently it wasn't photo-worthy.


The bradford pears, with their cotton bowl-ish flowers, have bloomed! Pretty as they are, they're downright stinky! We've enjoyed their beauty, though!

This is a typical backyard sight. Scout wants James to play so badly and he's just too small to do anything she'd find appealing. So she licks and licks and paws at him instead. He walks around with his arms thrown up over his face and head to protect himself. (And no, your eyes do not deceive you. The swing is indeed still on the ground. Would anyone like to volunteer an upcoming Saturday to help Eddie finish the support?)

This is also a frequent sight. Well, standing at the door, at least...the hat was a little random. James is obsessed with going outside. If his shoes are on he thinks it's time to go! He's also learned how to pull down the handle of the front door to get the door open and knows that you have to put a key in the deadbolt to get it unlocked. If he finds a key he tries to open the door.

No babies were harmed in the taking of the following photos:

Eddie and I had to go to Tifton on Tuesday evening because a friend/co-worker's father passed away. I got in the shower while James was napping but hadn't finished dressing and putting on makeup before he woke up. We've moved the highchair into our bathroom for just such an occasion so James had a snack while I finished getting ready. After a few minutes he got bored and I kept hearing him make grunting noises. (These are not uncommon...he grunts when he needs something, likes something, wants to say something, etc. He sounds like a caveman.) Finally I turned around and saw that his arm was stuck. I pulled it out and continued to get ready. A few seconds later he was grunting again. His arm was stuck...again. Apparently, he was just trying to get my attention because I realized that his arm was actually not just appeared to be at first glance.

In the above photo his arm is "stuck" but you'll notice that he's not so distressed that he can't say "CHEESE!" Also notice the first skinned knee of the year.

See Mom? It really is stuck? *Ahem* Not.

Lady, put that camera down and save me!


While in Tifton, James got his "TeeTee" prizes. No, not potty training...Mickey. Grandmama ran a 5K at Disney World last weekend and returned with lots and lots of Mickey prizes! He's modeling his new hat and "winking" at me.

This is the new rug in our den. We've actually ordered another just to compare, but this may be the winner. The red is not RED red and there are lots of browns, tans, greens, and golds.

My new Galveston canisters came in last week. I'm THRILLED with them. I actually "hosted" a party when I took orders and wound up getting these at 70% off. They're normally $159.96 for the set and I got them for $48! I broke one of my others so I'm glad to have a set of three back on the counter!

I've had this for a while, but it's the matching utensil holder.

Our fun weekend plans got rained out but we're hoping to reschedule for next weekend! Hope your week was great and your weekend is fun, too!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE love LOVE love LOVE that rug. Just in case you were wondering :) I want to see the other one too. And I love James getting licked by Scout & the series of his 'stuck' arm & especially love the winking. Made me smile :)