Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our Week & Weekend In {Lots Of} Pictures...

I'm really enjoying blogging this way SO much more than when I used to try to do a post each day. Lumping my weeks together and my weekends together makes this whole thing much more managable. This is also taking the place of those Project 365 posts that I was doing, but I really am trying to take a picture every day. It's just hard to always remember and I sometimes feel like my days look a little boring. Anyway...

Last weekend, James started in on some nasty cruddiness. I really thought it was all the pollen that fell in our area over the weekend. It's just gross and everywhere. That still may be the case, but he's also acting like he feels yucky. He has had a cough, itchy/watery eyes, and a really runny nose. He's also drooling buckets so that could mean new teeth or just that he can't breathe through his nose. Ha! Fortunately, I think we may be on the mend. His nose is still runny but not gross like it was before. His cough is still there, but not nearly as frequent.

Monday I spent my time wiping, wiping, wiping his nose. And then wiping it again just for good measure. He took an EXCELLENT nap on Monday morning but then didn't want to take an afternoon nap. Because of that, I wound up finally getting him to rest at 4pm which wouldn't have been bad, but Miss Ashley was coming to stay with him for the evening while Eddie and I went out for his birthday.

Speaking of Eddie and his birthday, it was pitiful and I felt like a terrible wife. I did get a babysitter so that we could spend some time out of the house and actually talk to one another, but I didn't do anything else for him. I intended to get him a miter saw because he keeps browsing through them when we're at Lowe's or Home Depot, but he's decided he doesn't really want one. Oh well. He is just so content with every thing that he has and seriously, honestly has no wants at all. Because of that I have the hardest time actually doing anything for him. His love language is just not stuff.

On Tuesday we continued to wipe, wipe, wipe James' nose. Pitiful thing. We stayed home on Tuesday and packed for our beach trip and tried to pick up around the house. That is a constant battle with a toddler whose main job in life is to strow things ev.ery.where. :) James also did a little light reading. Just a little Chaucer.

*** Yes, that is an entirely different rug. In fact, there are two. We've moved on to rugs in the foyer. I'm matching it to the one in the den but we were looking at different sizes before we order. ***

On Wednesday morning I was supposed to go to my final Bible Study of the season, but somebody still hadn't gotten over their nasty nose and cough. Instead, I let him sleep until 9 and then we loaded up the car and headed to Cacky's house. When we got to Tifton we had lunch and played and played and tried to wear James out so he'd sleep on the way to the beach. We also packed the car. Anna wondered how we'd gotten everything into Mom's tiny little Camry, but I think it's a little like a Harry Potter car where it looks small on the outside but is magically enormous on the inside. Mom wondered for the whole beach trip if we'd be able to re-pack everything in when we left. We did. :)

We left Mom's around 2:30 that afternoon and headed south. James fell asleep very quickly and slept until Jacksonville. He talked and sang a little while and then got a little grumpy. I pulled out my little portable DVD player and a Mickey Mouse movie and we were set! He watched all the way to St. Augustine! I don't think we'd have made it there and back without that DVD player. LIFE SAVER! We ran a few errands, had dinner at Saltwater Cowboy, hit the grocery store, and then went to the condo so that we could walk on the beach before it got too dark.

On Thursday morning we got up and it was WINDY. We thought we might just head in to the outlet mall instead of getting out but Mom wound up having a handyman come by to fix a few things while we were there. By the time he left it was naptime and lunchtime so we just gave up on the mall idea. That afternoon we headed to the pool. I came armed with James' baby float from last year but he would have none of that. I don't think he appreciated me lumping him into the category of "baby" and proceeded to show off his swimming skills lest I still wonder if he was too little to be in the pool. On the "to buy" list for this summer is a puddle jumper for this little boy! (Have you seen those? They're like swimmies but they have a floaty device on the chest as well and they snap in the back. Some friends' kids had them on last summer and they were great!) He is a fish!!!

We got a little show from the dolphin family that swims up and down along the beach in front of the condo. I'm not sure if they're territorial or if they spend their time visiting lots of different parts of the world, but you can almost count on a pod (?) being there when you visit Mom and Sonny's condo. Beautiful!

James did a little texting while he waited on the ladies to get ready to go to the pool.

Terrible, over-exposed picture, but I wanted to show you the cute Mickey Mouse hooded towel he sported. This will be his beach towel all summer because it's the cutest thing I've ever seen. He was having a little goldfish snack.

After a little while at the pool we headed back in. Later, we ventured out to the beach and if I thought that he liked the pool, that was NOTHING compared to the ocean. Unfortunately, I wasn't brave enough to take my camera down there so I don't have any pictures, but he immediately ran to the water and would not get out. It must've been 34* but he didn't even act cold. He splished and splashed and let the waves knock him down and had the BEST time.

Thursday night we picked up dinner from JT's which is just down from the condo and we decided it was definitely the best decision. Little Man was worn slap out from all of the playing and would've pitched a fit had we tried to take him out!

Thursday night was TERRIBLE as far as sleep went. There was not much sleeping on our end of the condo. Mom stayed in the master bedroom, I put James in the twin bed room, and I stayed in the room with a queen. Around 11 I heard the coughing begin. He would cough and cough and cough and spit out his paci and wake himself up. Then he'd cry for me to come find his paci (something that rarely happens anymore). At home, I would've let him cry it out for a few minutes but I hated to wake Mom up so I rushed in there and plugged him up every time. After about the fifth time, I just put him in bed with me. Well. Because he was coughing so much, I obviously didn't sleep much. I was up until at least 1:45. I'm not sure what time he woke up but I assumed it was somewhere between 2-4 because it was still DARK outside. He just sat up in bed and decided he wanted to chat with me. He would talk and talk and then I'd convince him to lay his head down and just when I started to doze off, he'd sit up again. I think it lasted around 2 hours but that could be a HUGE exaggeration given my sleepy state, but it was a while. He finally fell asleep with his head down by my knees and we slept until 8:30.

Friday was time to head back to reality. We packed up and left around 1pm but made a stop at South Beach Grill on our way out. They are right on the beach and have a great room upstairs where you can see the beach perfectly. We had a great table and were kept entertained by people-watching and James being silly. I had fish tacos which I'd always turned up my nose at before. They were EXCELLENT. I had them leave the slaw off (which I realize is sort of the "in" thing for fish and pork tacos right now) and they were delicious. I'll have them again soon! We left the restaurant around 2:30 or 2:45 to head home.

We wound up having to stop for gas in Valdosta and James slept until we were almost there. He did GREAT in the car on the way home. We stopped at Starbucks as well for everyone to get a drink. James sucked down some apple juice. He never has juice so I guess he wanted to drink it before I took it from him. Ha! We got back to Tifton around 5:30 or 6.

After a quick visit with Anna's friends Meg and Erin and a kiss (and snack) from Poppy, we headed to the other grandparents' for a little playtime. We got to visit with Grandmamma, Granddaddy, and Kelly while we were there. James played and played and was introduced to records and a record player. Ha! They had some old Disney records that had Mickey on them. James was impressed! After we visited for a while it was time to load Scout up and head home.

We got home just before 9pm and Daddy was waiting on us at the door! I think he missed us! He'd gone to Publix and picked up chicken, beans, and macaroni and cheese so we had a late dinner together. After a bath, it was time to put James to bed. He was a worn out grump.

Saturday morning I slept late (no surprise there, huh?) and the boys played and had breakfast. After I got up I made a grocery list because we were supposed to have some friends over to help with a project and then have dinner with us. Nick came to help with the project but his and Holly's baby, Adalyn, had her first cold so we've put off dinner until next weekend. Eddie ran to the grocery store for me and while he was gone, James got up from his nap. He was not pleased that I was there but his Daddy was not. He let me know how mad he was. He threw a fit the entire 25 minutes Eddie was gone and was on the verge of making himself sick he was so upset. Eddie got back and calmed him down. I think James missed him!

Helping Daddy dig holes. (We're making the swingset a little bigger. Almost there. Don't tell Eddie I said anything about it.)

While the boys were outside and James was down for his second nap, I ran an errand to get a new outside toy. I've been looking at water tables for weeks and knew which one I wanted but it was SO expensive. I finally got a 25% off coupon from Toys 'R Us that was good for only Friday and Saturday so I went to see if I could use it for this fun little water table. I walked in and went straight to customer service to ask about it. (It hadn't let me use the coupon online so I wasn't sure it would work.) She told me to pick out the one I wanted and we'd see if it would work. I browsed and looked at all of my options and finally brought two to the cash register. I told the lady that if my coupon worked I wanted the more expensive one, but if it didn't I'd just take the cheaper table. It didn't work but the manager used her over-ride powers and I wound up getting 25% off of it! It wasn't much more than the other table and there's so much more to it than with the other! I was SO excited!

Eddie thinks this boy is the cutest thing when he's wearing his daddy's hat! He took this picture while they were playing last night so I had to include it. Sweet baby!

Today we slept through church (whoops!) so when we got up (and after a morning nap), we played outside. Just in case you can't tell from the pictures, this little boy LOVES water. Ha! Like, loves loves water. We had to drag him inside when we heard thunder. We played with the water table first. It's not completely finished. I had a mama-fail and forgot to buy batteries for it so the mast isn't on it yet. It has a fountain so I think it'll be even more fun and appealing. We started out without Scout and Daddy outside and he was totally into playing with it. When they joined us, he just wanted to run around with them. We wound up filling up Scout's pool, too, and James thought the hose was the most fun thing EVER!

We've played this afternoon and will probably work on getting unpacked and cleaned up. Looking at my calendar, I have absolutely NOTHING on it until Friday. It is a glorious feeling. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well!

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