Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Growing up Methodist, I have always been exposed to the idea of Lent. But I know that not everyone recognizes it or even knows what it means. Lent is the 40-day period of time that we use to repent, fast, and prepare for Easter. It begins with Ash Wednesday. We are asked to focus on our relationships with God and choose to give up something for the 40 days. Often, people give up certain foods or alcohol, but one could also give up time by volunteering or committing to spending more time in the Bible.

So...what did I choose to give up or take on for Lent this year?

1. I am spending FAR less time on the computer. I've already cut back on blogging a good bit. I'm not beating myself up for not posting something every day of the week. I also realized I would sit down at my computer during naptime and 45 minutes would go by before I knew it! Sometimes, that gave me just 15 minutes to get things done around the house. I was completely neglecting my home and my Quiet Times...and I wasn't reading much at all! I've been VERY good with this one. I'm setting a timer for myself and everything!

2. I gave up desserts. What a huge, stupid mistake. This one was totally a spur-of-the-moment/I-need-to-give-up-something thing. I totally fell off the wagon on this one. I did make it about a week. I've had Dad's birthday where I should've passed on cake and didn't, made dessert for some friends and totally licked the bowl, and then with Eddie's birthday this week it's just all over. I need to re-think this kind of fast in the future. Because...what was it really for?

3. I added in a Genesis Bible Study in place of the time I'd previously been spending on the computer.

4. I came in a little late on this one, but I found a blog where the lady is giving away/throwing away 40 bags of "stuff" in their house - 1 for each day of Lent. I started this one just this week. I'm not trying to go back and do all 40 days but I will be doing the following:

* Master Closet (2 bags)
* Master Bathroom (1 bag)
* Master Bedroom (1 bag)
* Laundry Room (1 bag)
* Kitchen (2 bags)
* Den (1 bag)
* James' Room (1 bag)
* Guest Room (2 bags)
* Guest Bathroom (1 bag)
* Office (3 bags)
* Garage (3 bags)
* Guest Room Closet (2 bags)
* Linen Closet (1 bag)
* James' Closet (1 bag)

If you'd like to go "shopping" at my house, please let me know! Otherwise, it'll all be dropped off at Goodwill the weekend of Easter!

Lenten Season has become more and more important to me each year. It is a time to reflect on what Jesus did, on what God did, in sacrificing in order to atone for MY sins. MINE. Every single thing that I've ever done and will ever do has already been put on that cross. For me, Lent is about focusing on the sacrifice that was made, and to try to clean up my own act because of the sacrifice.

What did you give up/take up?

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