Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Update...

This weekend was fun! Despite everyone feeling pitiful, we had a good time!

Eddie's aunt and uncle (Melly and Bobby) drove down from South Carolina to visit James this weekend. They arrived on Thursday night but we didn't actually see them until Friday afternoon. They spent the day at the Air Force Base museum not far from our town and apparently had a great time! We caught up with them in time to visit, show them our house, and head to supper. There was actually a wait at the restaurant we chose (we NEVER pays to go early!) but we enjoyed visiting to pass the time. Everyone enjoyed their meal and we all had a great time catching up. We hadn't seen Eddie's aunt since last June and his uncle since December 2009 so James had grown a LOT since they'd both seen him!

On Saturday afternoon Melly, Bobby, Mrs. Bobby, Mr. Tommy, and Kelly all came to our house and we headed out for lunch. We'd wanted to take everyone to a local restaurant so that they could see our church and where Eddie works and see the downtown part of where we live but the restaurant closed at two and we didn't get going until almost 1:30. We chose Outback instead and on the way I told Eddie I didn't think it was open for lunch. Indeed, it was not! We headed from there to O'Charley's where there was a 45 minute wait. From there we went to Cheddar's where there was a 30 minute wait. Finally, we settled for Longhorn where there was no wait at all! We decided we probably could've gone back to Outback because they opened at 3 since we'd wasted so much time!

After lunch (lupper? linner?), we headed back to our house and went through old scrapbook's that Eddie's mama brought up. James entertained the crowd all afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed all the attention. Everyone stayed until right around 7:30. James was so worn out that he was asleep by 8:05!

Sunday morning we skipped church because James wouldn't have been allowed in the nursery with the runny nose he has. (Thankfully he hasn't run a fever and hasn't really acted like he feels bad...just lots of coughing and a runny nose.) We spent the afternoon being really, really lazy. It was actually warm enough to get outside so I spent a little while in the backyard reading. Eddie had some homework to get done so he worked a lot on that.

It was a fun weekend! I'm ESPECIALLY looking forward to this coming weekend. It is going to be so much fun!!!

Happy Valentine's Day! I think my two Valentines are taking me out for dinner tonight so whatever was on my menu will be pushed to tomorrow. I hope that your Valentines are sweet to you!

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