Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Update...

Oh, this weekend was so, so much better than last! SO! Mostly that's because I nagged Eddie all week to work on his homework and because we had to get out of the house on Saturday for a while and he wasn't able to spend several hours cooped up in a separate room working on it!

On Friday night it was POURING so I called Eddie and asked if we should change our plans. He said he thought we should wait closer to when he got off work (I called him when the bottom fell out of the sky at about 4 pm...and it really did fall out...we got FIVE inches of rain). I told him that we really needed to make a call then because I'd hate to waste curling my hair and putting on makeup and clothes other than yoga pants and a fleece pullover just to sit at home. :) I did put on makeup but we didn't leave the house. Instead, I "made" Stouffer's Chicken Lasagna and we all sat in the den and watched DVR-ed television that we needed to clear out.

James has been finicky about eating lately. He still eats mostly pureed baby food. If I put baby food green beans and seasoned green beans I've cooked for us on his plate he will choose the baby food every time. I cannot figure it out. Sometimes when we finally do trick him into get him to try something new he hates whatever it is and spits it out and wants a napkin to wipe his tongue. Then other times he'll realize that we're right and you can't feed him fast enough. Friday night was one of those times. Eddie kept trying to get him to try the chicken lasagna and he flat out refused. He finally got a tiny bite in and then wouldn't let Eddie eat anymore for all of the begging! Ha!

On Saturday morning we slept in just a little and then got up and got ready to head out of town. We'd found out about a great furniture store about an hour from our house and since we need about 100 random things, we decided to load up and head over. Unfortunately, the only thing we needed that they really had was a plethora of end tables. We found several that we really like and once we look around a little more we may head back for them. The only downside of the ones we like the most is that the coffee table is a small-ish round table and would be little in our den. We don't really need a new coffee table, but for everything to coordinate we might have to bite the bullet.

After the furniture shopping excursion, we drove back into town and made returns at Michael's, TJ Maxx, and Tuesday Morning. James and I had a shopping expedition last Monday that obviously didn't go well. I wound up keeping one of three things at Michael's, nothing at TJ Maxx, everything from Target, and nothing from Tuesday Morning. Saved me some money, but it was frustrating nevertheless!

We headed to our favorite Mexican Restaurant for supper and it turned out to be a good pick. James was EXHAUSTED and had fallen asleep in the car and the wait at Olive Garden was 45 minutes. I never cease to be amazed when I walk in that place and ask how long the wait (at 5:30) is there. We were in and out of the Mexican restaurant in under 45 minutes and James was able to get home and get a bath quickly.

Sunday morning was church and Sunday School followed by a nap for James, homework for Eddie, and the grocery store for me. I was hoping to get there before all of the crazy Super Bowl people arrived, but 11:30 was not early enough. It was crowded but I'm sure got even more crowded! (Let me pause here just to say that as a stay-at-home mama who does her shopping {usually} early on weekday mornings anything is crowded to me!) I got all of our groceries for the week and spent too much!

When I got back home Eddie and I had lunch and when James woke up Eddie fed him while I baked goodies to take to a party last night! We spent the rest of the afternoon being SUPER lazy. I watched an episode of Dateline and half of Oprah while Eddie did more homework and James played.

We went to our neighbors' house around 6 o'clock for kick-off. There were lots of people already there when we arrived. I have to admit that I was sort of not wanting to go because we only knew the hosts and one other family, but I'm SO glad that we did! James had a ball and we had fun talking to new people. At halftime James and the two other smallest children of the bunch danced in the center of the room to the Black Eyed Peas. They were hilarious and I wish I'd taken my camera. The girls were 2 and 4 so he was the youngest by a lot but since he's never met a stranger he held his own! (There were LOTS of other "big kids" but they played in the backyard and upstairs almost the whole night!) We stayed until after the 3rd quarter and then headed home since it was way past Little Man's bedtime!

This week is not full of too much. I have lots of things on my list to get done around here but nothing of great importance. Hopefully we'll have a great week!

I had every intention of actually posting pictures with this post but Blogger is not cooperating! Sorry! Maybe next time!

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