Friday, February 18, 2011

Project 365...

These are from February 4-17. Some of them I've already put on the blog but a few are new ones. I thought I'd share them all so you can see what we're doing chronologically! I did miss a few days...try not to be too mad!

1) Eating, again! Some days my schedule is: make a meal, serve a meal, clean up a meal, play, nap, diaper, make a meal, serve a meal, clean up a meal, etc. 2) Notice the nice hair! He's still rubbing his nasty food-covered hands through this hair to style it! 3) The bottom left picture is of James pitching a fit. We've not been worn down by these yet and still think they're funny. We do try our best not to laugh and we just (pretend to) ignore it. They only last a few seconds. He's usually a good boy but he knows what he wants and gets mad when he doesn't get it! 4) I think it rained forty days and forty nights. Not really, but we got a TON of rain. On this particular day we got 5 inches! Our backyard was a pond and we were stir crazy! 

After furniture shopping all day, I was instructed to sit in the back with James and help feed him animal crackers. Really, my only "helping" was making sure they didn't end up all over the backseat. Eddie needed his own snack in the form of a Nu-Way Weiner. We're sitting at the drive-thru in the first picture. I passed on the chili dog but Eddie said it was delicious!

I'd already started to feel bad when all of these pictures were taken so it's a good thing pictures are dated on cameras! I assume this was post-church and pre-Super Bowl Party since it was Super Bowl Sunday. James has really begun trying to use his stacking cups as more than just a toy to knock over. He can get smaller ones inside of big ones fairly easily but obviously can't do all of them. Little boy LOVES to go outside and throw the ball for Scout!

I missed a few days. Mom came up on the 8th and stayed with James all day while I was at the doctor's office. She brought him this little Valentine's treat and he LOVED them. He's giving Mickey kisses in the top picture.

Sometimes we get so tickled at James. In the top group of pictures he's showing off his hand-me-down pajamas from his cousin, Rhett. They're a little long on him (if you've seen him in person you know that 3/4 of James' body is made up of the upper part and his legs are only about 1/4! It looks so funny and seeing that my hips start at my shoulders we have no idea where he got this trait!) and he kept walking on the bottoms and pulling them down. Finally, we just decided to go Baby Urkel. I'll also go ahead and tell on myself a little bit. In the bottom picture (which is ridiculous but normal life around here by the end of the day) you'll see a little monkey playing in the bottom right different pajamas. There are days (lots of them, unfortunately) where we just hang out in jammies all day long. I sometimes have zero motivation to get dressed around here. I need more activities! I cannot wait for preschool next year where there's actually a real need to get up and dressed and moving!

After Aunt Melly and Uncle Bobby left, Eddie and James laid on the quilt that Melly made for James and read books! He really likes his new quilt!

Top: Daddy and James opening the Valentine that came in the mail.
Middle: James and Granddaddy.
Bottom: Reading Old MacDonald (his favorite - he sings "E, I, E, I" all the time...forgets the "O") with Aunt Melly and Uncle Bobby

Enjoying The Quilt.

My sweet baby Valentine. I'll spare you posting the lovely pictures with my big Valentine because they're terrible and he's not thrilled I posted them to begin with. :)

Yesterday, James and I made a trip to Tifton so I could get my hair did :) and get measured for a bridesmaid's dress. The latter about did me in. Yuck is the only thing I would like to say about stupid post-baby fancy-dress measurements. The lady kept trying to make me feel better about it but offered several backhanded compliments in the process. Double yuck. At least my hair looked good! While I was at the salon, James stayed with Cacky and Poppy came home for lunch. When I pulled into the driveway they were outside riding the tricycle. (This is old but not a family hand-me-down. It was brought by for James when he was two months old by Uncle Sam. This is the first time he's "ridden" it.) We also made a stop by the Museum to see the Steve Penley exhibit and visit the Doozies (Mama's closest friends) and then went to track practice to visit Grandmamma! James wanted to run the mile to show the girls how it was done and didn't like that we kept picking him up to move him off the track.

Hopefully I'll be able to keep up this week!

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Catherine White said...

I'm so glad I'm going to try and keep up with the blogging world again! Oh how James has grown! He's so precious! I'm going to need photoshop help! I love how you do your pictures! Hope you are doing well!