Friday, February 4, 2011

Project 365...

I think this is my new favorite thing to do. However, I have learned two things about myself. 1. I do not take good pictures. I need to learn my camera!
2. We have boring lives! Whew! I love pictures of my little man, but I sort of feel sorry for those of you (non-grandparents) who are subjected to 100 pictures of James sitting in his booster seat! I'll try to work on this. Staying home means that we stay home...a lot!

1. I already posted one picture from last Friday, but I thought I'd include this as well. James and I enjoyed a warm afternoon outside just wandering around in the backyard. He's really into wearing his sunglasses (or anyone else's right now). 2. We also cannot keep him out of Scout's food. No, he hasn't tasted it, but we did realize the other night that he'd put his hands in it and then later he ate supper...and we'd forgotten to wash them. Bleh.

1. He's also loving his reindeer slippers right now. He brings them to me to put on his little feet. I love them! 2. After a bath on Saturday night, Eddie mohawked James' hair. I couldn't get him to stand still long enough for a decent picture.

1. On Sunday afternoon the boys threw the ball to Scout for a while. I ventured out for a few minutes to join them. 2. The second picture is of the weirdest thing that occurs every single night at our house. Without fail, at the same time EVERY night, thousands upon thousands of black birds fly over our house. I am not kidding when I say it lasts 5-10 minutes. Gross. I love the movie The Birds but I do not want it to come true. 3. After playing in the yard James got a bath...and this was the night of the poop attack in the tub! He's trying out the big tub for the first time. 4. Last, our supper that night was BBQ Chicken Salad. Yum! Too much!

1. James has a tendency to wander in a room and get into trouble these days. If he gets quiet, we know something's up. Monday night he got into his church bag that I'd left sitting on the floor. Cheerios, diapers, wipes, and his sippy cup were flung everywhere. He thought he was too cute. 2. We ran LOTS of errands on Monday. While we were at Michael's I found a cute monkey hat and put it on his head. He wore it all around the store and since it was only $2 he got to leave with it on his head, too!

This picture WILL NOT LOAD with the editing and date put on it. I'll work on it tomorrow but it's midnight on Thursday and I'm ready to go to sleep. Eddie took this of James after supper on Tuesday. We had macaroni and cheese and this little boy LOVED it. He won't touch the leftovers, but the evidence on his face in this picture says he loved it the first time! (The edited picture shows the mess better...just trust me for now!)

Someone has been GRUMPY lately from about 3-6. I have had to call Eddie almost every day this week and beg him not to work late. On Wednesday I pulled out the dust buster...a favorite "toy"...and turned it on. It was magical for about 15 minutes. Loud, but at least the screaming and whining stopped!

Tonight's picture won't load at all, so I'll work on that tomorrow as well!

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MrsLuckyLee said...

I found your blog through your feature on The Casual Blogger Community! {i'm featured on their site today}. I started Project 365 back in January, too, and I have no problem seeing tons of pictures of cute baby doings! I love the sunglasses and the handy vac pics! What a beautiful family you have! I'll be following from now on!