Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Willow House Wednesday!

Every Monday Willow House changes their Weekly Deals in my Online Store. The products are not currently in our catalogs so they're able to mark them down for EXCELLENT prices. This week is the best I've seen! I'll list a few of the deals below. Remember: Anytime you spend more than $40 you get anything UNDER $40 (that's not already marked down) for half-price! That means you can shop in the Weekly Deals and earn 50% a current product!

Above: Gail Pittman Bountiful Urn. Originally $89.95, you can purchase this item THIS WEEK ONLY for $16.96. Don't forget upcoming weddings, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc.! (If you're buying for just one school teacher this would be a unique teacher gift!)

I LOVE the Jackson Square Mirror. Originally priced at $129.95, you can get this for $34.96 this week! That's a 71% savings!

Our Deep Dish Lasagna Pan is originally $99.96. This week it's priced at $25.96! I love the color! (There's also a Panini Grill that's the same color this week!)

The Abingdon Wine Rack is originally $79.95 but is currently $19.96. It'd be a great wedding gift as well!

If you are interested in any of these products, visit my website. Upon arrival, click "Shop" then find "Weekly Deals" under the "Outlet" section. These deals go FAST! If you'd like something, grab it quickly! If you'd rather that I place the order for you, let me know! Everything from my website ships directly to you at no additional charge!

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