Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Update...

Well, I have to admit that our weekend stunk. For the first time since OCTOBER we didn't have anywhere to go and no one was going to be at our house. It should've been wonderful, right? Nope. It stunk.

On Friday night I started feeling yucky. Eddie had planned to ask a guy from his office if he and his wife wanted to go to dinner with us. When they declined because they had an out-of-town guest, I was happy since I wasn't feeling good. Eddie got home and we had leftovers for supper and then actually went to bed reasonably early while watching a movie.

Saturday morning I slept late (actually, we all did...Eddie was up at 9, James at 9:30, and me at 10) and by the time I actually had a shower it was after 2. We were both grumpy and kept snapping at one another all afternoon. The boys did get outside to enjoy the nice weather for a little while, but we were all still in a funk.

We went to one of our favorite restaurants for supper. I had my usual Sweet and Sour Chicken and Eddie went for Sweet and Sour Pork. Mine was good, Eddie's was just ok. We were both still grumpy through dinner and James was loud so it wasn't much fun. We needed to go to Lowe's after dinner to look at rugs and that was the most fun we had all day long. James was in a hilarious mood and riding in the cart wasn't terrible for once. I'm sad to report that we didn't purchase rugs, but we are closer to knowing what we want for the kitchen and den. Eddie and I have a shopping weekend planned soon (although, I think something just threw off when we'll actually be able to go) and hopefully we'll come home with a few rugs and either curtains or fabric for curtains!

Sunday morning we got up and went to church and Sunday School. We've started a new book that I think is going to be challeging. It's called Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White. We discussed Jesus' politics this week.

After church we came home and had leftovers again (we were GREAT this week about not wasting food!) while James napped. He was a great napper this weekend, which was one positive thing! Eddie had to spend most of Sunday afternoon reading for work which, I'm not going to lie, is part of the reason I've been in an awful mood. I spent the later part of the evening putting away laundry and fixing supper (BBQ Chicken Salad which turned out great, by the way!)

As for our crummy weekend, sometimes, marriage is WORK.

Whew! I'm not going to air all of our dirty laundry here, but I'm just trying to be real. I don't want to pretend that this weekend was all rainbows and butterflies because it certainly was not. We have a GREAT time most of the time and I'm certainly not all about being whiny on the blog (and I certainly hope I don't come across that way!) but sometimes things aren't great!

So to round out all of the whining, the blessings and the positives are:

1. My husband is employed. He loves his job. He makes enough money that we're able to live comfortably and I'm able to stay home.
2. I'm married to someone who would rather put his work aside and help me during the week when I've been alone all day than get his work done.
3. James is a pretty good boy and takes pretty good naps most of the time. I'm able to have a break every now and then.
4. Dinner was great!
5. There is always next weekend. :)

SO...sorry to be all Debbie Downer today. To make this horrible post a little funny, I was checking email last night while Eddie was giving James a bath. It's our evening routine and I love it. James and Eddie get to spend time together and they have a great time being boys (and I do mean in all the ways you'd think boys would have fun..being gross and all) and I get to sit for a few minutes before it's jammies, milk, bedtime. Last night I'd been in here for just a few minutes when Eddie yelled my name and James burst into tears. I knew there were two scenarios and sure enough, one of them was right. Little Man pooped in the tub. He hasn't done this many times (once in the baby pool and maybe once in the bathtub) so Eddie was freaking out. (Poop bothers him. It doesn't get me at all.) We did a quick bathtub change and James got to bathe in the big tub for the first time. He thought it was HILARIOUS. I took pictures so I'll be sure to show those this week. He had the best time!

Even though it's dreary here, Monday is already looking better! James and I have a full day of errand-running and grocery shopping. We're COMPLETELY out of wipes in this house!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

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Whitney J. said...

I agree - marriage is work - but what a blessing it is!

And you reminded me - we are almost out of wipes here, too!