Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Update

Friday night we went to the Mexican restaurant down the street. I'm pretty sure James is going to be a Mexican food fan. Given the amount of time he spent begging for chips, rice, and beans I think it's inevitable! After supper we had to run to Lowe's to get a few things. One thing we're looking for is a trash can with a LID. The Boy cannot seem to keep himself out of the trashcan in the kitchen so I'm going to try to remove that inspiration. HOWEVER, do you know how much stainless steel, lidded trashcans are??? I'd love one that matches (since we don't have a hiding spot for it...that would alleviate the need for a lid anyway) but GOOD GRIEF!

Saturday was so much fun but SO BUSY. We got up and left our house at 8:15 to drive halfway to Tifton and meet Cacky and Poppy for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. We swapped cars with them and they took James to their house for the day.

Eddie and I had BIG plans to get some organizing done around the house. When we returned, I dropped him off and headed out to run errands. I was able to get in and out of Old Navy, TJ Maxx, Target, Hobby Lobby, and Sonic in record time! AND I was able to actually browse and see a few things I might otherwise have missed! (Eddie probably appreciates James going with me, though...we don't stay as long and we don't spend as much!)

Meanwhile, Eddie was organizing his side of the office. He got a good bit done while I was gone. When I got back we worked on cleaning up the guest bedroom where we'd stashed the Christmas tree and topiaries, half of James' toys that I decided to put away for a few weeks, and the wrapping paper explosion from Christmas. It's not totally complete, but it's close. I also got James' bedroom and bathroom cleaned - hallelujah - and went through a drawer of receipts that need to be shredded or filed.

We headed back to the halfway point - this time we ate at Sonny's cousin's restaurant at the lake (L. Bo.'s for you lake people) - to swap back. James had a FANTASTIC time. He was exhausted when he got home. He'd played and played and visited with MaMa, Aunt Sassy, and Lance and played some more! I jokingly said we needed to do it once a month, but I really think I'm pretty serious about it! :)

Sunday morning we went to Church and Sunday School. After, we came back home for the little man to take a nap and we waited on Papa and YaYa to get here. James was excited to see them! We had lunch at Longhorn (yum!) and then played at our house for the rest of the afternoon! James has gotten good at identifying people by their names and Papa and YaYa think it's great!

Sunday night Eddie had homework to finish for work. He's doing a leadership course through his office and I think he feels a little bit like he's back in college. Last night was definitely a "cramming" night. Ha!

A funny story about this weekend that I didn't mention: On Friday afternoon I got a text from my longtime friend and college roommate, Mary Beth. She asked if I'd gotten a package from her. I looked out the door and didn't see anything. Later, I checked the mail and there was an invitation from her in the mailbox so I texted her and asked if that's what she was talking about. She said no, but that UPS said they'd delivered a package to me at 5:30. There wasn't a package at our house. I called her and we realized that UPS had changed my address to a similar address down the street (same house number, almost same street's ANNOYING). We get their mail all the time. On Saturday morning, Eddie and I ran by that house to see if my package was there. It was sitting on the front steps, but Eddie didn't want to just take it without telling them. He rang the doorbell and told the teenager what had happened. He said she was pretty confused, but I got my package anyway! (And MB, the card WAS in there and it was HILARIOUS. Eddie and I laughed and laughed!) Mary Beth bought me a frame for James' birthday that she'd just never given to us. It's a pretty off-white frame with cream polka dots and a black and cream striped bow and it says "Mommy Loves Me," in black letters. It matches James' room PERFECTLY. Now I need to get a cute picture of the two of us to put in it. Thought the whole scavenger hunt for the package was funny, though! :)

Hope y'all had a good weekend, too! What did everyone do?

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