Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Update...

What a FUN weekend we had! I love weekends where there are a few things going on but we still get a little snuggly/lazy time, too!

Friday night after work we headed to Cracker Barrel for supper. Anna asked me why we go there so often. Those of you with children will hear and understand, I'm certain. 1. It rarely, if ever, has a wait. 2. It's already semi-loud in Cracker Barrel, so James won't be heard quite as much as a regular restaurant. 3. There are things to entertain him while we wait for our food if we need to. 4. He'll actually eat the food that they serve. Bottom line, it's the easiest, cheapest, simplest place for us to go!

After Cracker Barrel I needed to go to TJ Maxx to look for a whole list of things. I didn't find anything that I was actually looking for, but I did wind up with a pretty folder holder (not an office-y looking one, but a wooden one) and a frame to replace one in my bathroom that had broken. We also made a quick stop at Bed, Bath, and Beyond so that I could re-stock my dwindling coffee supply.

Saturday we did NOTHING. I've had a sore throat for several days now and I think having Eddie home with me to chase James allowed me to just feel yucky for a little while. I laid down on our bed wrapped up in a throw blanket AND my down comforter and remained there for close to two hours. We'd even gotten showered and ready to go to Lowe's so I messed up our plans. (I realize you don't have to "get ready" to go to Lowe's, I just mean I was out of my jammies.) We ran through Zaxby's for supper instead of going anywhere!

Sunday was FUN, fun, fun! Mom and Anna came to pick me up at 10 AM and the three of us drove to the Fox in Atlanta to see Beauty and the Beast! It was so much fun! Anna had never been to the Fox and I hadn't been since I was in the 8th grade when I went with a friend to a Backstreet Boys concert! HA! The musical was wonderful and we had LOTS of fun!

We didn't have any plans after Beauty and the Beast got out, so we just got in the car and headed south. Around Jonesboro we stopped to get gas and we decided we were hungry. We wound up at Carrabba's and had some yummy Italian! It took forever but it was fun anyway. I'm sure Eddie wondered if we'd ever get back home!

Today, James and I had some errands to run before YaYa got here to visit. James was napping when she arrived, but as soon as he woke up he looked at her and said, "YaYa!" Anna and Mom got here later with lunch and then we all headed to Macon for WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING!

James was well-behaved while we were out. Basically, he just walked around and said hey to everyone he saw. Anna tried on several dresses, narrowed it down to three, then two, and if she doesn't find another one she likes better, down to one! Wow!

After the dress shop, Mom, Anna, and I went to a gift store and Dairy Queen and then came back to my house. It was a rainy, but productive day!

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