Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Update...

I'm certain you can figure out what we did all weekend without an update. NOTHING. Mom and Anna had been in Macon so they came through at lunchtime to visit. James was sort of pitiful for them, but not terrible. They left around 3 and he took a nap from 3 until 3:30. (That was the case with a LOT of his naps this weekend.)

When Eddie got home from work we grilled steaks and had twice baked potatoes for supper. James had a bath and went to bed (without a bottle this time).

I was up and down with James all night. He couldn't really breathe but wanted his paci in his mouth so he was waking himself up. Fortunately, Eddie let me sleep in and he got up with James around seven. Once I was up it was about time for James to nap again and then I went and napped, too. I NEVER nap. Eddie said he knew I didn't feel good when I went and laid back down.

We were pretty worthless all Saturday afternoon. James walked around like a little zombie baby just to keep himself awake. He didn't want to play at all but he also didn't want to be held. He was REALLY fighting sleep. His eyes were so heavy and red-rimmed. He was the most pitiful I've ever seen. He truly looked like he'd just stepped out of a flu medicine commercial! He ran a low fever all day long and didn't want much to eat or drink.

Sunday I slept late again and the boys got up around 8:30. James actually slept through the night so I assumed he was feeling a little better. He's played in short spurts today but not much. He hasn't run a fever but his eyes and nose are still pitiful looking. He's walked around slowly, carrying his blanket so I've been calling him "Linus." Ha!

Hopefully today he'll swing back up and start feeling a little better. Having a sick baby is wearing us out! He's a handful to chase around, but feeling bad is even harder!

We've gotten pretty tickled because he's been Eddie's shadow all weekend long. If Eddie leaves the room, he follows. If I try to rock him he gets down and finds Eddie to rock him instead. If there was ever any doubt about whether he was a mama's or a daddy's boy, it's been decided this weekend!

Maybe we'll be well by next weekend and can get back into the swing of things again! I actually don't mind not being able to leave the house in the COLD weather for the next few days!!!

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