Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Weekend Update...

First of all, Happy Birthday to this crazy girl today! Anna is TWENTY-FIVE. Man, she's getting old! We love you, Sassy!

Our weekend consisted of getting a lot done around the house and not much of anything else!

Friday night Eddie picked up Mellow Mushroom for supper and we settled in on the couch to enjoy our first uneventful New Year's Eve in a LONG time! It was our 8th New Year's Eve together...isn't that crazy? Time has flown by! We'd planned to go to Tifton for our annual get-together with some friends for New Year's Eve (usually we go to the lake but someone is with child and unable to travel). We were so tired of traveling and spending the night off, though, that we changed our plans and stayed home. Next year!

Saturday we got a lot of our Christmas decorations packed up and put away. We had some errands to run - Christmas gifts to exchange sizes, etc. - so we headed out in the rain to get those things accomplished. While we were in Target we ran into some friends who recently (as in, 2 weeks ago!) had a baby girl. They were getting out of the house to exchange some things, too, while the baby was at home with her aunt. We were headed to dinner at Outback so we asked if they'd like to join us. We had fun giving them a taste of what they can expect in 14 months!

After church on Sunday we went to Tifton to take Anna to lunch at Longhorn for her birthday. Afterwards, we went back to Lance's house to give her her birthday gift and play her new Wii dance game (Just Dance?). It'd be a lot more fun if I didn't look like such a moron playing! James enjoyed looking through the door at the puppies in the backyard. Ruby has gotten a lot bigger in the past few weeks. I got tickled at her pretending to be a big girl when she followed after Finn in the backyard!

We left Lance's and headed to Grandmama and Granddaddy's house for more fun. James, as usual, put on a show and showed everyone how cute he is. Ha! Kelly came by to play, too. James enjoyed some ham while we were there - add that to his new list of foods he likes!

Monday Eddie was off work for New Year's Day so he worked around the house getting Christmas stuff put up in the attic. I just tried to get back into a normal routine!

Sorry for the lack of pictures but I've been as lazy at taking pictures as I have with everything else! Have a good week! 

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Anna Catherine said...

Thank you for re-posting that lovely picture of me on your blog! haha