Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hodge Podge!

I have a confession: I have never been a huge fan of TJ Maxx. I know, I know. I have just never been a fan of the "hunt." I know what I want and what size I need and I want to walk into a store a seek a rack of whatever it is I'm looking for. Recently, though, we've done a lot more of our shopping at TJ Maxx. We've found the best kids' clothes (play clothes anyway) at TJ Maxx! They have toys! They have rugs! They have designer jeans! Even Eddie has gotten on the bandwagon (he's never one to turn down a deal) and is the proud new owner of a pair of Lucky Brand jeans!

Last Saturday I ran into TJ Maxx in search of Eddie's jeans. I need a few things for our house that I've been just looking here and there for, so I walked to the home section, too. (Sidenote: I love Home Goods even more than TJ Maxx, but there's not one near us. Sad!) Then, I made my way over to the kids' section and I found these:

Those sweet little socks are a Disney/Trumpette collaboration! LOVE. James is slightly obsessed with Mickey Mouse (for whatever reason he calls him "TeeTee.") I found these - SEVERAL boxes of them - and I had to have them. They came in size 0-12 months and 1-2 years. Unfortunately, they only had Minnie Mouse in 1-2 years. That didn't deter me, though! I got the smaller size and brought them home as a treat for my sweet baby! We put them on his feet and he grinned from ear to ear, pointed to Mickey's head and said, "TeeTee!" over and over! He's loved wearing them! They're going to be too small soon, so YaYa is on the lookout at her local TJ Maxx for the larger size.

Do you want to know what I paid for these? (Let's be honest...I might've paid a LOT just for the enjoyment of it!) The box had 6 pairs and they were $8. Might seem like a lot if you've never bought Trumpette socks before. They're the BEST socks. I looked them up on their website and on Amazon and I can find a box of the larger size on Amazon for $24.99!!!! $16 more than I paid! I'd say that was a good deal!

*** These opinions are my own. I was not paid to try or comment on the socks or TJ Maxx! ***

On Tuesday, James and I had to go to Tifton for the day. I had an eye doctor's appointment that afternoon, Anna wanted to try on wedding dresses, and I needed to look at bridesmaids' dresses. AND...there was a sweet little girl born last Thursday that I desperately wanted to get my hands on.

I think Anna has the dress narrowed down to two different ones. And they are VERY different. I tried on three bridesmaids' dresses and LOVED one of them. Maybe that's it? We'll see.

My eye doctor's appointment was the fastest ever! I got in and out in about an hour. My eyes have changed a LOT since the last time I was there. I'm basically blind in my left eye...and it just got worse. I thought about ordering new glasses, but then Eddie told me that he'd seen a Netflix-type glasses place online that had super-cheap prices. You order two or three pairs and they send them to you to try out. If you find one you like you send them all back and order with your prescription. Bingo! I'll probably do that. My glasses aren't horrible, but since my eyes changed a LOT, I hate not to get something new.

Little Miss Samantha is teeny and precious. I didn't take any pictures with my camera so I'm hoping Keith will post the ones he took on Facebook one of these days. I'll share it then. Keith and Shelley are doing great and learning to adjust to a louder house and less sleep. And learning all those things that no one tells you about before you have a baby. :)

Yesterday, we got out of the house for Bible Study. I love being able to drop James off in the nursery for two hours and spend time talking to other women. You forget how cooped-up you feel when you don't see other people most of the time!

Other than that we've been home doing our usual cooking, cleaning, working out routine! James is enjoying "beeping" everyone's noses, finding his belly button, watching Mickey (TeeTee), and learning to use a fork and spoon! Our days are full!

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