Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Weekend Update...

Ahhh! A great weekend where we seemed to get lots accomplished!

Friday night we went to supper at Fatz. James made friends with the table closest to us. The man was very friendly but would NOT stop talking to James...which meant James would not stop talking. I love friendly people, but I wanted to eat my meal, not keep answering his questions and asking James to turn around! Oh well. James colored with crayons for the first time and thought it was SO much fun. I can't wait for the fun of those types of things. (YES, I hung his scribble-scrabbled menu on our fridge - FRONT AND CENTER!)

We went from Fatz to Home Depot to look for garland, spray paint, and browse the tools. I think there is a garland shortage in our area of the country. I have ALWAYS been able to find tons of garland - especially the week after Thanksgiving. I'd understand not being able to find any if I was looking the week of Christmas, but seriously! None at Home Depot, none at Lowe's, none at Bob's in Tifton!

Saturday we'd planned to go to Tifton to visit Mom but we decided to delay our visit so that she could get home from the hospital and rest instead of playing hostess to us. Instead, Eddie and James got the garage organized, I got my coupons organized, and we got several errands run. We had an early dinner at Chick-Fil-A where James devoured a few of my nuggets and made friends with a family sitting behind us. Seriously, he is the most outgoing, friendliest baby!

Sunday morning we got up and went to church and I am SO glad that we did. We missed last week after getting in late from all of our Thanksgiving festivities. I LOVE, LOVE church at Christmas. We picked James up from the nursery, put him in the car, and immediately headed to Tifton to my mom's house.

We visited all afternoon with Cacky and Poppy, got to see Aunt Sassy and Lance, and even met their new puppy, Ruby! She is PRECIOUS and enjoyed chasing James. The next time we see her she'll be bigger than him!

Okay, I feel the need to share a bit before I post these HORRIBLE pictures. 1. I had the stupid camera turned to Manual Focus instead of Auto and didn't realize it for about five minutes. 2. Babies and dogs are hard to photograph. 3. The picture editor will let me edit and save but then doesn't actually save the new photo! So those photos that I usually crop and adjust color on are looking big and washed out right now. Sorry! Continue...

I was thrilled to see several of Mom's friends who dropped by to deliver food. Makes me miss Tifton!

We left Mom's house around supper time and headed to Eddie's parents' house. We got a visit with Grandmama, Granddaddy, and Aunt Kelly after James had a quick nap. Unfortunately, it was a SUPER quick visit because Eddie had to meet a co-worker at the office to get him a set of keys for one of the company cars. We'll see everyone again next weekend!

Trying to get our Christmas decorations completely finished today so that all of these boxes can get out of my house and back in the attic! I've had such a Bah-Humbug attitude about them lately (and about keeping house for that matter...I need a whole day of SCRUBBING) but I'm finishing TODAY!

Hope your weekend was fantastic!

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Anna Catherine said...

I love these pictures! I never realized that she is as big as he is! Yikes! Maybe next time he sees her she will be house broken!