Saturday, December 18, 2010

Walking King!

Today, as a birthday present to his Grandmama, James decided to start WALKING. He's taken steps since the beginning of November but we are talking for-real, not-encouraged, on-his-own, lots-of-steps-in-a-row WALKING.

This morning I was standing in the doorway between our den and kitchen and James decided to follow me. He stood up and toddled from the middle of the den to the middle of the kitchen. It was a good twenty feet of unassisted walking. (Monstering? Frankensteining?) Then, when Eddie stepped out to the garage later James tried to follow after him from the kitchen. He made it from about the middle of our kitchen to just before our laundry room. Again, a good twenty feet!

We had dinner tonight with some church/book club friends and James happily walked all around their house. He holds on when it's necessary, but he's also learned he can just let go and walk.

I promise I'll try to get pictures or video soon so you can all enjoy his Bambi-esque walking but I wanted to post tonight so that we'll have it recorded and will be able to remember it! I'm so proud of him!

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