Friday, December 10, 2010

Lunch Bunch Reunion

Back when I taught school in Tifton I had a fun group of ladies that I absolutely adored. I literally couldn't have walked into a better situation for my first two years of teaching. The group (8 of us) were perfectly suited to work together and they helped me right along on my way. The 8 of us were split into two "teams" - an English teacher, math teacher, science teacher, and social studies teacher for each. Our teams floated around on the same schedule every day so most of us got together for lunch. We called ourselves "The Lunch Bunch" and let me tell you...those lunches were NOT long enough for all of the talking and laughing we needed to do.

Well...I miss them. A lot. Most of them still have the privilege of working together, but several of us have left to pursue other interests - retirement, babies, a new career.

A few weeks ago I got a text message that said "Email me." It was a number I hadn't stored in my phone so I wasn't sure who the sender was. After a little detective work I realized it was Sherry, one of my Lunch Bunch ladies. She wanted to ask me when I could be in town for a baby shower for Shelley, another one of the bunch (she's also the same Shelley that's discussed whenever we get together for Dinner Club...I've taken her into other circles of friends because I like her so much!). Ummm...are you kidding? I'll be in town for a Lunch Bunch get together WHENEVER you want to have it!

It was decided that we'd be a Dinner Bunch and get together (along with the men in our lives...God bless them) last night. Because the shin-dig started at 5, the men in my life were unable to tag along. (James could've tagged along, but I thought leaving him with a babysitter would be easier...more on that experience in a bit!). I hit the road a little after 3 and made it early enough to Dianne's to be able to visit with her for a little while before everyone else arrived. In total, there were 10 of us there but it really sounded a lot more like 50. I can't even describe the fun we have when we get together. I had the BEST time.

I stopped by Mom's on my way back home and enjoyed chatting with her and Sonny. Sonny said, "Lauren, you really should come home more often," and I had to remind him that I do see them a fair amount, he just doesn't pay any attention to me because I always have my little entertainer in tow! :) (Mom's doing good but feeling tired. Hopefully the energy will take an upswing this weekend!)

Okay, so for James' babysitter experience. This is the second time I've left him with a for-real babysitter but this week we used a friend of ours who is in college nearby. I always LOVE it when we get together with Ashley, but on a whim a few weeks ago I asked if she'd be interested in babysitting for us from time-to-time. She said she absolutely would love to! I was thrilled! She came yesterday around 2:45 and James, being the friendly little man that he is, took to her right away. I think leaving him is always more drama for me than for him. Anyway, she stayed until Eddie got home from work and when I talked to Eddie on my way home he said, "That little stinker was more upset when Ashley left than he was excited when I got home!" He apparently told James to tell Ashley bye and James kept lunging out of his arms to go to Ashley. Hilarious! Glad to know he liked her!!! We hope she'll come back again!

Oh, how I love nights out but I love coming home to my boys even more!

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