Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back in the Swing of Things...

I am surely not the only one in the world who feels extremely off-kilter after the holidays, right? This year feels especially wobbly and I can't figure out why! Last year I had a two month old, we did Christmas and immediately afterwards a funeral (where we drove about 14 hours more than we'd bargained for), and still did New Year's Eve when we got back in town. This year? I'm completely worn out!

My house is out. of. control. Please don't call me and tell me you'll be over in 15 minutes (or two hours, for that matter!) because I might hang up the phone and cry. I'm not Type A enough to put things back where they belong, but I am Type A enough to care that other people might see things out of place! Ha! I'm working this week on getting things back under control. Like most everyone else, that mainly means getting the Christmas decorations put away. This year I've decided to organize them a little more efficiently and give away what we don't use.

In addition to that, I'm trying to get the other things under control, too! There are toys and old clothes EVERYWHERE and those have to be put up this week as well. Our office has been out of control for quite a while but I've continued to use it as my "catch-all" room.

We're also going to be doing better about our schedules around here. We sleep too late every morning (and by "we," I mean "me" - I'm of the "don't wake a sleeping baby" mindset) and stay up too late every night. James needs a better "play time, nap time, eat time" schedule (and so do I!). We also HAVE to start scheduling in some exercise.

The lists and calendars will be out in FULL FORCE in the next few weeks. I've enjoyed "Christmas Vacation" but it's time to get back to business!!!

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Sandy said...

I came over from the LPM blog to tell you that it does not sound silly to want to be more organized and manage your time so you can have your time with God. I understand completely!