Thursday, November 4, 2010

We Heart Shutterfly!

It's no secret that we love Shutterfly in our house. I have ordered well over 15 books in the past five years in addition to stationery, birth announcements, and Christmas cards! Just last week I received the Jesse Tree Devotion book that I made myself (using their journaling pages!). I'll share that with y'all soon!

Shutterfly is easy to use, the turn-around is quick, and their customer service is FANTASTIC. We ordered a book one time and the binding came unglued when we received it. I called them and they replaced it no-questions-asked within a week!

Last year, I ordered our first Christmas cards from them. They're easy to customize and have SO many to choose from! Christmas cards are so important to me! I display the ones I receive on my refrigerator for a year and put them in a photo album when the Christmas decorations come out the next year! They're one of my favorite things of the season!

I'm already looking at Christmas cards for this year! I love these:

Something else that I order at Christmas are gift tags! I love these because they're so convenient and pretty! James has his own, we have some for our family, and Eddie and I have some. Obviously, I love them!

James had these last year:

 And I think these are super cute!

Now, I'm not having a Christmas Party, but if I were going to have one, I'd go with an invitation like this:

*** Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are strictly my own. (I really do love Shutterfly!) For writing this post, I'll be receiving a promo code for 50 free holiday cards. I am not being compensated in any other way and this did not alter my personal opinion of the company. If you're interested in receiving 50 free holiday cards, click here to enter! ***

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