Thursday, November 25, 2010


A few years ago (before James) I posted what I was thankful for every day. That seemed a little daunting this year, so instead I decided to give it all to you on Thanksgiving Day!

1. I'm thankful for a loving God. A God who, despite my sinful nature and daily mess-ups, still loves and cares about me. And I'm thankful that I live in a country where I can worship God freely.
2. I'm thankful for my husband. There are many, many days that Eddie walks in after having been at work all day and immediately picks James up, plays with him, feeds him, bathes him, and puts him to bed. He loves us both so much and is SO caring and helpful.
3. I'm thankful for my precious little boy! He is a delight and teaches us new things all the time!
4. I'm thankful for our parents and their willingness to help us when we need it. They love Baby James SO much! And he LOVES them!
5. Our siblings who LOVE James as well! James loves to see his Aunt Sassy, Uncle John, and Aunt Kelly!
6. Our warm home!
7. Our church!
8. Freedom, safety, and security!
9. Wonderful friends both here and in Tifton. Friends that will lift each other up, pray for each other, and love each other!
10. The fact that I was able to quit my job two years ago to stay home with my little buddy. He is so much more fun to "teach" every day!
11. E-mail! Facebook! My blog! The only ways I keep in touch with some of my high school friends!
12. Time to leave the house by myself. :)
13. Christmas music! Christmas movies!
14. A brand new vacuum cleaner that WORKS. My floors are thankful for it every day!
15. Willow House. I've had the most fun over the past year. I hope that my business continues to grow. I've enjoyed getting in touch with people I've known forever and meeting new friends, too!
16. Books, books, books.
17. Eddie's great job. He loves it, so I love it.
18. Publix! (Now if only I could get them to put in that drive-thru!)
19. Sonic. :) I couldn't help myself. Happy Hour really does brighten my day!
20. Target and Hobby Lobby who are my best friends some days. If James won't stop fussing we'll stroll through those stores for a long time! He loves to get out and I love that it makes him happier!
21. The Jumperoo where James has spent countless hours over the past year. He loves it, it's good for him, and it has allowed me to get chores done throughout the day. I'm sad that the day is quickly coming when we'll have to say goodbye.
22. My Bible Study group. It was WONDERFUL to get out of the house and have a group of women to talk to once a week this fall. I'm looking forward to starting back in January!
23. My new Book Club. I think I'm going to LOVE that group of women!
24. Pretty wrapping paper and wired ribbon. :)
25. Thanksgiving! When we can get together with family and friends we don't necessarily see all that often - or often enough!

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