Friday, November 12, 2010

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

I have allowed myself to be excited about Christmas music, Christmas lights, and Christmas gifts EARLY this year. Eddie has not appreciated that I started all of this on November 1st, but I really want to enjoy it! If I could, I would have already put out all of my Christmas decorations. (However, as I wrote this I realized that I still have a Happy Halloween sign outside my front door!)

I certainly don't go all out like some people do with Christmas decorations, but I think houses look so pretty with Christmas decorations displayed. (We don't do much outside...just two topiaries and a preference is inside.) I also realize that since I have a little helper this year, things may get interesting with a Christmas Tree. "Baby Jail" may become "Tree Jail." Ha!

One of the things I'm considering doing is buying a very inexpensive, smaller tree for my dining room so that I can have a "family tree" and a "fancy tree." I sort of want to do a "12 Days of Christmas" theme with it but haven't found just the right set of ornaments yet. (You realize, this is all just in my head, right?)

James doesn't have any reason to be excited about Christmas this year, but I'm excited for him. I'm hoping he'll enjoy it and it won't just wear him out. He's usually a good little traveler and tolerates everyone holding him and carrying him here and there, even if he's an hour past a nap and two past a feeding! Hopefully that won't change!

What are you planning for Christmas this year? Do you put out lots of decorations or just a few? Do you like to decorate early or wait until December?

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Bechtel Family said...

Girl~ we got out our Christmas stuff last night!:) We already have our trees (we have 6~ ha) up with lights on them. No ornaments yet but will work on that this weekend!:)Don't know if I told you but I loved all of the pictures from James' party! You out did yourself and it looked like he had a blast!