Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I haven't given an update on what James is up to lately, so I thought I'd do that today. He's become a little sponge and has been soaking up everything around him. He copies Eddie all the time! It makes Eddie a little bit nervous!

Just today he added a new word. He's been saying something that sounded like "baby" for a while, but today I said "Are you Mama's baby?" and he said "Baby," clear as a bell! Before it sounded like "be-be."

He's begun feeding himself. I know it's something that he HAS to learn to do, but it is a MESS. I could mop the kitchen every day! (I don't.) In the past few days he's wanted to help me hold the spoon as I put something into his mouth. Usually, it's not too bad and I've been encouraging him because he's done a good job, but sometimes his left hand wants to help out, too, and that makes a MESS. I think this is coming from brushing his teeth on his own. We almost can't do it anymore because James pitches a fit if we try to do it and don't let him try. (Which reminds me - who came up with the "terrible twos?" I think they start at one!)

He's standing more and more on his own. He's gotten a lot more brave! I thought he'd be walking by Thanksgiving but my little "turkey" may not get it until Christmas. Slow and steady, I guess!

He LOVES when we sing "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes," and points to his head. If you ask where it is, he'll point. He was doing nose, and still will sometimes, but mostly we're fixated on the head! Ha!

He cut a new molar last week so that brings his total number of teeth to ten. We've skipped cuspids, for whatever reason. Maybe they'll show up sometime! Ha! I think we're halfway through teething!

He's a funny little boy! Time is going by too quickly!

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