Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Update...

Our weekend started earlier on Friday than it typically does. At lunch, Poppy and Cacky (aka Sonny and Mom) were coming through our town on their way home from a conference. They decided to stop and have lunch with us at Cracker Barrel. It was delicious and we enjoyed visiting with them!

Sonny had to head on back to work, but Cacky decided to stay for the afternoon since Aunt Sassy (aka Anna) was driving up to visit, shop, and go to the fair. James was thrilled to see her as well!

They played at home for a little while. (Cute outfit credit goes to Lori! Thanks for letting us borrow those SWEET cowboy overalls! We love them!)

Then we went shopping at Target. Aunt Sassy had a few things she wanted to return (and then forgot to take them!) and we needed a few things for THE PARTY. Sometimes, though, you go to Target and you see something you've never known you've always wanted.
Exhibit A: 

Is he not the cutest little monkey you've ever seen? Unfortunately, he doesn't enjoy the hat (and matching mittens!) as much as I do, but little man will be sporting this all winter long. Ha!

On Saturday morning Eddie had big plans to build a swingset for us. It's been on his to do list since the September after we got married and has just never been done. SO...he got up bright and early, made his first trip to Lowe's of the day, and got to work!

Meanwhile, James and I were left to entertain ourselves. And by entertain, I mean I dressed him up in his Halloween costume and took pictures. If you look closely, you might be able to tell what he's going to be!

I took the jumpy outside and James enjoyed watching Daddy and trying to figure out what the heck all that loud noise was about!

Unfortunately, disaster struck in the form of a broken 4x4. Have you ever heard of such? It just snapped in half! Needless to say, there were choice words muttered and after another trip to Lowe's darkness fell and the swingset sits unfinished. Maybe we'll have a swingset raising party this weekend.

Yesterday we made a trip to Tifton for Kelly's birthday. We had lunch with her at Red Lobster and then James practiced his birthday cake eating skills at Grandmama and Granddaddy's house. He enjoyed the cake and all the playing!

Eddie had a meeting later that afternoon so he dropped James and me off at my mama's for more visiting (and ice cream!). We visited with Poppy, Cacky, MaMa, Aunt Sassy, and Lance and enjoyed all of the playing there, too!

Unfortunately, not a single picture was taken yesterday, which is a shame since we put James in MaMa's baby carriage that he used for a month after he was born. We got a kick out of it because his legs hung over the end. He's gotten TOO BIG.

Hope your weekend was enjoyable!!!

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Anna Catherine said...

The picture of James wearing the Monkey Hat is sooo funny! It made my Monday!