Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Update...

We had LOTS of visiting this weekend!

We started off the weekend by eating supper at Red Lobster after Eddie got off work on Friday night. We've discovered that the easiest way to take James out to eat is to go early and to the town that's not as crowded as the other town. (Vague enough for you? We're smack in the middle of two towns. Neither is closer than the other, but one has more options.)

We made a run by Ace Hardware and to Bealle's Outlet to look for shoes for James. We were unsuccessful at both of our stops. Oh well.

Saturday morning Dad, Laura, and John stopped by our house so that we could follow them to my Uncle Mike's house for lunch. We had a Hasty gathering and enjoyed visiting everyone. We got to visit with Jen, Charley, Bess, Susie, George, Susana, Anna, Lance, Mike, Sue, Chris, Stuart, Joy, Melanie, Kate, Will, Cason, Abigail, the other John, Pam, and Chandler! Whew! I think that was everyone in attendance! It was fun to see my "big" cousins kids who aren't much older than James (Abigail is several months younger, in fact.) There was lots of eating, socializing, football playing, animal watching, and tractor driving. We had a fun time! We wound up having to load James into the car around 2:30 so that he could take a nap. Poor little boy had been great but was sleepy and has an incredibly runny nose. It was time to go.

James and Susana

 John, James, and Anna

James and Papa sitting on the tractor. I love the look of determination on his face below. They were just sitting at this point. 

Sue, Kate, James, and Anna. Kate is three months older than James. She's the daughter of one of my cousins who is almost 9 years older than me. It is strange having kids the same age as these cousins! 

James talked Papa into actually taking him for a tractor ride - which meant that the other little cousins needed to go as well. After James rode, Mike (Pop) took Will and Stuart took Cason. Cason enjoyed blowing the horn. 

On Sunday, Mom and Sonny came up to babysit while Eddie and I got out of the house for a few hours. We'd intended to see a movie but nothing worth watching was playing. Instead, we ran errands! Home Depot (putting shelves in at our house), Ross (two church dresses), Shoe Carnival (found New Balance and Sperrys for James but wound up not buying them), Old Navy (boots for James), Radio Shack (cords), TJMaxx (nothing), Target (the elusive pumpkin coffee creamer), and Sonic (Vanilla Diet Coke and a chocolate shake for Eddie). We had a fun time being able to get out by ourselves and we were able to do a lot more than we would've been able to otherwise! (Dear Cacky and Poppy, please come back soon!)

In the meantime, I think James was having a big time: 

That is what you call ROTTEN. He dropped Uga on the floor and was making Poppy hold him down so he'd be able to pick it up (similar to the "claw" arcade games). Poppy happily obliged - over and over and over. He was also allowed to throw his sippy cup on the floor and then get it back - a game I refuse to take part in. The three went on a walk in our neighborhood (and got lost!) and James took a pretty good (Benadryl-induced) nap for them.

Speaking of Benadryl, James has had a super runny nose the past few days but no fever. I called the doctor's office this morning (hoping they wouldn't say I needed to bring him in) and the nurse said to just wait it out a few more days. We've switched to Triaminic instead of Benadryl to dry up the runniness and if that doesn't clear it up then we'll go in toward the end of the week. Hopefully he'll be 100% by then!

Today James and I went for a walk through the neighborhood. He's pretty good motivation because he likes to walk so much! I put him in a jacket with a hat on his head and Eddie asked if I'd lost my mind since it was only 58*. :) Just in case we're working on an ear infection! James also busted his lip when he opened a draw directly into his face. Nothing a little ice won't fix! Other than that we've been a little lazy around here today. Sometimes that's the best kind of day!

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