Monday, October 11, 2010

Picture Update...

I've taken a TON of pictures in the past few days, so I thought I would share those with you today!

On Thursday, James had a "big boy" lunch! I gave him diced cooked carrots and a grilled cheese sandwich. He was less than thrilled with the taste of both (I'm not sure how he can be my child and not have enjoyed the grilled cheese) but DID enjoy playing with his food!

On Friday afternoon, Mom and Anna stopped by on their way home from Macon. We were sitting at the table and James and I were entertaining Anna by doing Harry Potter spells with a wooden spoon. She thought the look on James' face was hilarious! Please excuse the look on my face of migraine headache and no makeup. Gross.

On Friday night we opted to stay home so that Eddie could mow the grass. James has become such a daddy's boy. His feelings were so hurt that Eddie came home and then immediately went outside. So...we watched from the window! We had chicken chili and enjoyed time on the couch after Eddie was finished.

I took this picture on Saturday morning and while it's not the best, the story behind it is funny. This time last year we got a present from Eddie's aunt, Mary Ellen. In the box was this huge teddy bear that is dressed like Dracula and sings "The Monster Mash." Well, I forgot about it until we pulled out our Halloween decorations a few weekends ago. When we got it out, I immediately showed it to James thinking it would be FUNNY. It was not. He screamed and cried. For several days if I even showed it to him he flipped out. Then one day he decided he liked the music but didn't want the bear to touch him. Finally and at last he thought it was great. I think we've created a monster, though, because he wants the bear to sing all the time now! The joke's on us, I guess. (He's signing "more." As in, "Please turn the bear back on for me so that we can have more singing.")

Saturday afternoon was a little more productive. Nancy, Caylor, Macy, Mama Pat, and Mrs. Bobby came up to go to the fair and stopped by with Nancy's trailer so that Eddie could move some of our furniture to/from the lake house. We decided to pick up two neutral pieces of furniture that we'd "donated" to the lake house when we got married - a loveseat and a couch. In return, we "donated" my couch and chair that had been in our den. SO...we just did a little switcharoo to hopefully make the den look a little more put together. We'll see!

The Dawgs WON! We didn't sit and watch the entire game but we were thrilled (and a little shocked) with the outcome!

After Eddie got back from the lake we headed to the fair to watch Caylor dance. Last year when we went to the fair we went on the last weekend and it was cool and not the least bit crowded. I waddled and waddled all over the fairgrounds in hopes of convincing a baby to meet us. Alas, I had to be induced two days later.

This year James got to enjoy the fair with us but it was the WRONG time to go. It was hot and CROWDED. I know I've been when it's been crowded before, but I think it's worse with a stroller. I was trying my hardest not to click people's heels with the front wheel of the jogger. What a nightmare! We had a fun time, but next year we may attempt to go early in the morning again.

We didn't go over to the rides at all. Instead, we stuck with looking at the animals. James saw lots of cows, horses, rabbits, and goats. He even got to see a giraffe, baboon, zebra, and sea lions! (He'd actually seen the very same sea lions before!) He loved watching the horses in the practice ring. I was shocked at how interested he really seemed. We can't wait to go to the zoo soon!

Sunday morning we got up and went to church and Sunday School. James got to wear his cute Halloween longall. He looked very cute! We had lunch at Cracker Barrel. We've gotten to the point where we have to share our lunch with James. He loved my biscuits and dumplins today. He tried the green beans, but they weren't his absolute favorite. After lunch we ran some errands and a certain little boy got two brand new pairs of spiffy looking shoes! He's a little confused by what the heavy things on his feet are but he is looking SO cute. Grandmama is going to have a stroke when she sees that he's not wearing Nikes. Children's shoes are incredibly over-priced. We're thinking he needs to just go barefoot forever. Happy Birthday, little man! Ha!

Hope your weekend was just as full and fun as ours!

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