Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This is my 500th post! I guess I've had a LOT to say over the past two and a half years! We have had some accomplishments in the past 24 hours that I thought I might share. He is so proud of himself!

1. He is learning to stand alone. He's not always cooperative, but my goal is to have this down-pat by his 12-month appointment. He stood alone for 17 seconds today. It was a personal record by about 10 seconds.

2. We're learning the parts of our face, specifically eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Today I asked him where his nose was and he pointed. He actually did it twice. When Eddie got home he decided to blow kisses instead.

After a few suggestions and much looking around on the internet, I think we've decided what we're asking Santa Claus for this year and what we're going to give him. I'm excited! It's time to pack up the baby toys!

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