Tuesday, October 26, 2010

THE Birthday Party...Part II

Friday night was SO much fun. It was a lot of work, but we had a great time!

One of my very good friends, Bess, came into town on Friday around 5. We sat and talked and caught up for a little while. She's only been around James twice so we enjoyed playing. Eddie got home and we all went to dinner at an Asian steakhouse in town. Eddie and I had eaten there before and really liked it. It was great the second time as well! We had such a great time talking to Bess! (Come back soon!)

Poor Bess has had to put up with my various CIRCUS! emails for the past few months. She's my interior design guru whom I email to say "If I'm doing a hodgepodge of frames over my bed do I use matchy-matchy frames or just similar frames?" Those emails turned into "What do you think of this circus fabric?" "How do you like this cake?" I basically turned her into a party planner. So when she told me she was going to take Friday off and drive up from FLORIDA to help me decorate and at the party I nearly fell out of my chair. I was SO STINKIN' EXCITED. And we had FUN. We were up until almost one decorating but we had such a great time. And Eddie and I seriously don't know what we would've done without her skills.

Without further ado, I present...the decor.

The circus tent was seriously one of my very favorite things. I lucked up and have a friend (Hi, Lori!) who allowed me to steal it from her classroom for the party. She found it at Oriental Trading. It was PERFECT.

I made (with the help of my mama) the table runners. These popcorn boxes came from Michaels. I got the cute little wooden animals from Hobby Lobby. The puppets in the big vase were also from Michaels.

This is the table in our entryway. I painted the canvas and Bess later added "Celebrate!" to it. I actually stole that idea from The Blue Eyed Bride. I loved her little boy's birthday party this year! I had a book out for guests to leave a message for the birthday boy. I'd seen that on several blogs and thought it was too cute. The Ringling Bros. tin was one that Mama had in her attic that she'd saved. I think it said 1987 on it. The little finger puppets were collected both by myself and by Anna from our various trips to Peru! 

I used one of the thank-you notes that Heather made for me and just added a little print-off for an explanation of what the book was for. I picked up the red frame from Target the afternoon before the party!

Bess had this super-cute idea to hang my paper lanterns from the cutouts we have in our dining room. They looked SO cute but wouldn't stay up. They wound up being moved to the back yard.

We wound up in bed late and we were exhausted but we were so pleased with how everything turned out! Up next? Part III: Guests and Gifts!


Amy said...

Oh my gosh!!!! I am LOVING this! SO SO CUTE! please post LOTS more pictures! i am dying over all the cuteness! wasn't it so much fun?! i had the best time planning and decorating for libbi's bday. i seriously dread the day she asks for a (*gasp*) character themed party! haha! ;0)

Linda said...

Looks fantastic!!!!

Lauren and Eddie said...

Thanks, Mrs. Linda!

Amy, I felt the same way until I saw a Cars party on HowDoesShe.com. It was actually SUPER cute. I think it can be pulled off without looking totally store-bought!

Lynsey said...

Super Cute! I love everything. You did a fantastic job.