Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Aftermath...Sunday Afternoon

Sunday morning we slept through church (ok, I slept through church) and lazed around in our pjs most of the morning. After lunch, we decided to sit outside for a little while and play with Scout. James asked if he could please ride in his new Cozy Coupe and it was the PERFECT outside toy. He sat still and didn't have to be held, Scout couldn't get to him, and he enjoyed riding and looking. We thought he looked too cute cruising in his sunglasses!

We did go to church for the evening service. It was the Children's Led Worship Service and it was precious! The daughter of some friends actually gave the sermon - and she's in the 4th grade! She's the cutest little thing! We got tickled at the song leader because every time he got up there he whispered "I don't know what to do." Sweet little things! Someone in the choir got the giggles at one point and then EVERYONE had the giggles! It was wonderful.


I haven't even left the house since Sunday. Isn't that terrible? I've been trying to get things back in order and enjoy breathing a little bit.

I'm also weaning James so I've wanted to stick close to the house in case we go into meltdown mode! He's done really well (so far!). He's nursing between 4 and 5 times every day and I've replace one (his 2 pm feeding) with whole milk in a sippy cup. The first two days he wasn't all that interested in it but yesterday and today he took it easily! Next Tuesday I'll try to remove the 10 am feeding. Hopefully it'll all go smoothly and I'll have him weaned before December when I have to leave him overnight for the first time. (Y'all start praying for me now!)

Tomorrow I'm meeting Eddie for lunch and to go vote and then James and I are going to run a few errands. I have several coupons for Toys 'R Us that are going to expire this week if they're not used so I'm going to start my Christmas shopping! We also need to pick up candy for Trick-or-Treaters and Trunk-or-Treaters!

We're heading into a busy weekend! (And just a busy season in general...we have something to do EVERY weekend until January! Seriously.)

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