Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Fall!

Have you been outside in the past few days? It. is. marvelous. I love fall weather. I just wish it lasted all year long!

Because it's Wednesday (even if it feels glorious) and Wednesday is our SUPER BUSY day, I've come up with a list for you so I don't have to organize my thoughts:

1. I've asked Eddie to assist me in taking eleven month pictures tonight after Family Night Supper. Yes, I realize it's over a week late but James is impossible to photograph without help.

2. Speaking of that little turkey, I actually told the cashier at the grocery store today that I was going to need them to start offering a drive-thru grocery store service. James wants to reach for and touch everything. I am well aware that you're laughing at me if you have an older child (or, you know, three or more older children) but this is new territory for us! Y'all should see me at the grocery store. I went in with an unorganized list today (mistake #1), coupons, my pen, and a sleepy boy who missed his morning nap. I convinced him to play peek-a-boo with his wubbie for a little while, but then he was over it. And the problem was that by the time he was over it, my cart was full enough for him to reach behind him and pull out groceries to then drop on the floor. Holy cow, I'm tired of picking things up off the floor because he thinks it's a fun game. (Again, you're laughing at me and I know it!) When we got to the register he tried to remove the things I'd put on the conveyor belt, tried to pull the pen off the credit card machine, tried to pull off all the plastic bags, AND TRIED TO STEAL SOMEONE ELSE'S FOOD! Seriously! He tried to snatch bread out of a bag on the other side of us! I have never been so glad to be home! Ok, enough complaining.

3. I got a box of Southern Living at Home liquidated items in the mail today (liquidated=super cheap!) and one of them was a Comfort Food cookbook. I love it already. I want to make one of everything.

4. James and I have been walking a lot lately. I realized that my iPod will track my distance, time, and calories burned and that's a fun new motivation!

5. I am obsessed with all things pumpkin right now.

6. I emailed Shelley over at
HowDoesShe this week to tell her about a CUTE project I'd torn out of a magazine that is perfect for Halloween. I didn't purchase the ingredients at the store today (you know why, right?!?) but I'm going to start on those next week. If they turn out cute enough I'll share a how-to here. They involve Moon Pies, icing, and candy corn. Doesn't that sound yummy? I'm planning to make them for a few of the kids around here since we might not be at home on Halloween.

7. Speaking of Halloween, James has his costume, shoes, and trick-or-treat bag and is ready to go. We aren't trick-or-treating, but it'll be fun anyway!

8. I think I want to go to the local pumpkin patch soon if for no other reason than to take pictures.

9. Speaking of pictures, we're having some made the first weekend in November. I'm planning to do James' birthday/12-month pictures, Halloween pictures, and family Christmas card pictures all at once. I need a jeans-and-sweater type outfit for myself. The boys are easy to dress. Would anyone like to be my personal shopper and help me?

10. James woke up from his nap earlier and because he'd only slept for a very short time I picked him up, moved him to his swing, and he went back to sleep. He's not over the weight limit yet, but I still feel guilty for using it. I sure have loved that swing. What will we do without it?

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