Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend Update...

Above: On Thursday I was unloading the dishwasher and James was playing in the Pack 'N Play. I noticed he was very quiet and found him like this. He napped for about 30 minutes and then woke up and asked to be moved to his bed for more napping!

On Friday night, we made the trek up to Roswell to visit Papa and Laura for a spend-the-night party. Aunt Sassy and Lance joined us on Saturday morning and we spent the afternoon at the park for a picnic!

James is a HUGE fan of swinging. We've got to get his swingset up soon so we can enjoy the fall weather (once it arrives...although this weekend felt good!).

He's also a huge fan of his "fan club!" I got a kick out of everyone standing around just to watch him swing!

James and Papa tried out the slides...

Then he and Sassy tried out this dinosaur bouncy thing.

And then we went to feed the ducks!

I have to say, I've been trying out my photography skills lately and I think I did ok on the bottom picture here! I leaned against the rail, held my breath, and click! Good photo! (Thanks, Pioneer Woman!)

Aunt Sassy fixed James' hair...

And finally, the reason everyone looked at us strangely while we were out all weekend and also the reason James and I skipped church this morning. Is it Fifth Disease? Is it Roseola? Is it something else entirely? This followed the fever he had last week. This picture makes it look good. It was/is much, much worse. appears not to bother him! We just look like we have some weird, infectious disease that should be quarantined!

***An update! I got an email from the Drs. Herzog and they have come to the consensus that it is, in fact, Roseola. Apparently once you have the rash you are no longer sick OR contagious. All the mamas that thought that's what is win a prize! Thank you Dr. and Dr. Herzog! :)***

After we left, we had dinner at PF Chang's where James enjoyed waving at the teenage girls and their mama at the table next to us. Fortunately, they thought he was cute and didn't comment on his "disease."

We left and hit the road at 7 pm and almost immediately hit traffic. There'd been an accident where 75/85 connect and we were backed up over five miles. Needless to say, it was a long trip home. We didn't get back until almost 10. Yuck and yuck. At least James slept the whole trip!

Today, we think we might enjoy the cooler weather by playing outside and cleaning out the garage! Enjoy your Sunday!

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