Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Update...

I didn't take the first picture of our busy weekend. I DID, however, snap a few cute pictures of James in his church clothes for his 10 month pictures. I'll post those tomorrow as I have a lot to say today.

On Friday night we went over to our neighbors' house for supper and swimming. The Rhodes have two boys - 7 and 3 - and the Willises (that's as bad as Freshes!) have two boys - 7 and 4 so we are a boy-bunch except for the 3 mamas! We ordered pizza, had it delivered, and watched the four older boys swim. It was fun to get together with them. We hadn't gotten together with the Willises since January and the Rhodes(es? ha!) since April so it was high time!

On Saturday morning Jelks called Eddie and said he was working at the Buck-a-Rama (anyone not from our area? welcome to Rednecksville!) (the Buck-A-Rama is a hunting expo) (he and Eddie work for the same company but apparently Jelks drew the short straw and Eddie got lucky!) and would like to grab lunch with us when he was done. He had Jobe with him (Jobe is 6) and James thought he was HILARIOUS. Everything about Jobe was funny. We had Mellow Mushroom with them, visited for a little while, and then they hit the road back to Tifton.

Saturday night we picked up our friend Ashley at her Mercer dorm and went to dinner at La Parilla in Macon. De-lish! (And there were no birthdays this time so James didn't flip out!) We browsed Barnes and Noble afterwards before we headed back to drop Ashley off and go home. We had fun visiting with her and catching up after her summer at home in Tifton.

Sunday morning we went to church. James enjoyed his time in the nursery. He's definitely pretty easy to drop off but I've noticed that he's a little fussy when he sees us when we come to pick him up. I hope he continues to love the nursery and doesn't make drop-off and issue. He's a pretty social little boy!

After church we got a phone call from Eddie's mom that his dog, Mosby, was still sick. She'd called us Friday to let us know that he couldn't stand up and she took him to the vet for an x-ray and a shot. The x-ray showed what looked like vertebrae that were just disintegrating. The shot should offer him some improvement by Saturday night but by Sunday morning he was still unable to stand. Mosby was almost 11 and had been having what we thought was arthritis in his hips. He's a lab mix and we knew that hip problems were common in labs so that's what we assumed he was dealing with. Over the summer, he'd gotten worse and worse. We went to Tifton and when we got there it was apparent that his back legs were paralyzed. Bless his heart, he could sit up like he had a waist. Eddie made the tough decision to have the vet come by to put Mosby to sleep. We realized that he was just in too much pain and his quality of life had just gone over night. Mosby was the SWEETEST dog. We were all very upset to have to see him go.
Even though it was a trip we weren't expecting to take, we enjoyed getting to see Grandmama and Granddaddy and Kelly. James enjoyed showing them how busy he was. He was so busy, in fact, that he came home with a busted lip and a black eye. I swear, he is ALL boy. I cannot keep him still for long!

We stopped by the Warrens' on the way home to drop off Jobe's Buck-A-Rama necklace he'd left at our house and wound up eating supper with them. James ate macaroni and cheese, beans, and creamed corn and really liked all of it. He's been on a bit of a babyfood strike lately so he may be moving to table food totally soon!

Promise I'll have his 10-month update this week!

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