Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Boy...

I thoroughly enjoy writing about James. More than any other topic, he is by and far my favorite to blog about.

As I write, he is curled up asleep in the Pack 'N Play in my bathroom. He played himself out while I was loading the dishwasher.

We've had a cranky morning - and it's only just now 10 am. I'd love to tell you it's because he was sick the past two days - running a fever - but I think he's over the sickness (whatever it was...we never went to the doctor) and it's just pure crankiness. I was wearing my glasses this morning when I got up and he thinks they're great. He grabbed for them and I said (in a very calm voice) "No, no. Just look at Mama's glasses." He burst into tears and you would've thought I'd broken his heart. That's the kind of crankiness I'm talking about.

Because of the fever he was running on Tuesday night (101.9), I knew I couldn't take him to the church with me for Bible Study yesterday. Eddie said I could take him and drop him off at his office but I felt sort of bad about doing that because I knew he wouldn't get anything done while James was there. So we both skipped. I really missed it!

Instead, we had a leisurely morning and then picked Eddie up from the car place where he'd taken my car to have the oil changed. We had Mexican for lunch and 30 minutes later we were back to pick up the car. I think it was a record lunch time. The good thing about it was we'd hardly had time to eat any chips before our meals came!

James and I went to Target afterwards because I needed to return a dress and I discovered that I've been put on the "banned from returning things to Target" list. Can you believe that??? I was so embarrassed. The problem is that I can't try clothes on when James is with me. How the heck am I supposed to shop for clothes there if I've been banned from returning the things that don't work? I think I'm going to ban them back and start shopping elsewhere. Like Old Navy and Ross.

Speaking of Old Navy, I got these two things in the mail yesterday:

The black one, especially, is perfect for cold weather church. I need the cooler weather to hit so that I can wear them.

We also got James' Halloween costume. I'm nothing if not prepared, remember? When I have his one-year pictures made, I might try to do Halloween costume pictures, too.

Mrs. Bobby called Eddie last night to let him know that it was someone special's birthday today. Mosby Dog would've been eleven today. Can you believe that? What a week!

I'll have a book update next week with the books I've read this month. I think I'm going to start doing it once a month instead of after each book. My list this month:

* Lineage of Grace (finished finally!)
* Redeeming Love
* The Mysterious Benedict Society (#2)
* The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes
* To Live and Die in Dixie
* Like Dandelion Dust

Big weekend ahead! Hopefully I'll take lots of pictures! Enjoy!

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Amy said...

WHAT?????? "the do not return list" ARE YOU SERIOUS?! I had no idea there was such a thing...and now i'm a little nervous, b/c i'm a compulsive "returner" (we were actually there this morning returning something!)

and I can't wait to hear what you think of the books on your list...many of those are on mine, too!