Tuesday, August 3, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal

I saw this on another blog and thought it might be fun to play along...
I missed Days 1 & 2, but I'll catch up today. I may not do every day, but it looked like fun. Click the button above if you'd like to participate! (You'll have to scroll down to August 1st to link up!)
Day 1: Your Favorite Song
I'm stumped already. I am not a huge music person. I'd rather listen to talking on the radio or a book on CD. I do really like Sugarland and Lady Antebellum. I like old church hymns that you can sing without looking at the hymnal (ha!), and James and I sing "This Little Light of Mine" a lot.
Day 2: Your Favorite Movie
I love movies. My favorite that I've seen in the theater in the past year was The Blind Side. It was excellent. I really like anything Sandra Bullock. Or Reese Witherspoon - love her. I love the Harry Potter movies. I like kids' movies a lot. I'd probably pick Toy Story 3 over anything else in the theater right now!
Day 3: Your Favorite TV Show
I am such a weirdo. I LOVE crime shows. Real ones, fictional ones, any of them!!! Dateline is on the DVR, as is Law & Order: SVU. I like American Justice and Cold Case Files.
If you decide to play along, let me know in the comments section!

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