Wednesday, July 21, 2010

High Seas Expedition!

To say that we've been busy this week is a vast understatement! We have had Vacation Bible School every day (in addition to an anniversary dinner, a Customer Appreciation dinner, a doctor's appointment, and lunch out with a new church friend) and while it is fun and a great break from the monotony of stay-at-home life, it is BUSY - especially for a little boy on a great schedule! Baby James has shown his flexibility this week, though, and has made my week much easier than I thought it would be.

A few quick VBS pictures from earlier this week. Our theme is "High Seas Expedition," and we have tried to wear every boat in James' wardrobe this week!

James and Miss Shea...

James "swimming" through the "water" and entertaining the Youth girls think he's just hilarious and cute!

I am looking forward to a regular schedule for this busy boy!

PS - No clue why the pictures are this way...blame it on Shutterfly.

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