Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July Pre-Party!

We headed to the Warren's on Saturday afternoon for a pre-4th-party.

We were the first to arrive and Eddie headed out to help Jelks watch the grill.

Apparently, Lily had been awake but we didn't hear her and she'd decided to play dress up in her bedroom. When Amy went to check on her, she was wearing a safari hat and had a blue sticker on her cheek! So cute!

Elli was a fantastic baby-sitter, watching Lily and James downstairs in the playroom.

After dinner, Chuck put on a "fireworks show" for the babies outside. More smoke and noise than anything else, but it was enjoyed by the younger crowd and the daddies enjoyed playing with fire.

Charlie was not a fan of the fireworks. He kept telling Chuck not to light them. Poor thing! At one point he thought he'd burned his foot (Jobe actually had burned his earlier in the night), but it turned out to just be icing he'd stepped in. All was well!

It was a very fun evening and it was great to see our friends!

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