Thursday, June 3, 2010

Top 7 Summer Television Shows...

I was hoping that with summer we could let our weary little DVR take a break. It seems that is not quite the least not for me.

I couldn't come up with ten, so here are my top seven:

1. Make It or Break It on ABC Family. Have you seen this show? It's really cute! It has Candace Cameron Bure in it (DJ Tanner) and I really love her.

2. Cake Boss. We love Buddy in our house! I can't believe Eddie likes this show as much as he does, but he really, really loves it.

3. Jersey Couture. This is a new one, but given that we apparently like all things "New Jewsey" (LOVED Jerseylicious...I know, I know...) I'm going to be trying this one out. (Jerseylicious was pretty clean compared to the Jersey Shore or the Real Housewives. I've never seen either of those.) I'm not saying I'll stick with it, but I will watch it once.

4. Losing It with Jillian Michaels. Eddie swears he's not going to watch this with me. Being that I am a HUGE Biggest Loser fan, I plan to watch, though!

5. Pretty Little Liars. Also an ABC Family show. I've enjoyed the books but I'm hoping the show isn't quite as trashy. I cannot imagine allowing middle school girls to read the books. Let's hope the show is family-friendly.

6. The Glades. I am very intrigued by this A&E mid-July show. It reminds me (in the previews anyway) of Trueblood, minus the vampires.

7. The Hills. Yes, I'll admit that I'm still watching. Thankfully, it is the last season of this ridiculousness. I'm starting to just feel sorry for them.

I am not watching Ali on Bachlorette this season. Are you? What about Kate + 8? Anyone watching that train-wreck?


Anna Catherine said...

Lance and I love Cake Boss too! I spent all day on the couch watching a marathon on Monday!

I LOVE Jersey SHore and can't wait for it to come back on!

You'll have to tell me about Losing It. You know I love Biggest Loser but I'm just not feeling this new Jillian show

Was PLL the series your middle schoolers wer telling you about and you said you liked it but thought it was inappropriate for them?

I love the Hills and they are talking about doing another seasons. Did you hear that Spencer and Heidi are separated and she moved out?

I'm sad this is the last season of Law and Order SVU!

Don't you love how I just comment on your blog now instead of writing on my own?

Lauren and Eddie said...

Losing It was good. It just follows one family for a week. It's more emotional than BL. I liked it, though. I had to DVR it and watch it the next day b/c Eddie is not a Jillian fan.

PLL is the series about middle schoolers that I would NEVER put in my classroom. The books have drug and alcohol use in them. It starts when they're 7th graders and then progresses forward to 10th grade...but still.

I hadn't heard that Speidi broke up. If it's a real relationship (and I have my doubts), I hope she comes to her senses.

I didn't know it was the last season of SVU. Are you sure you're not thinking of original L&O? I know that one is over.