Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Top 10 Movies...

Since I posted my book picks for this summer, I thought it only fair that I also tell about the movie-theater movies I'd love to see this summer. (I would also love a million dollars so that I can purchase tickets and movie theater popcorn and a huge-mongous Diet Coke.)

You'll notice two recurring themes on my list. Either I want to see movies that were inspired by books or I want to see the kiddie movies. Ha! It pains me that so many people (Eddie included) would rather just see the movie than read the book. This is so not me. I want to read the book and then see the movie!

1. Prince of Persia. I am so intrigued by this movie and I have no idea why. Is it Jake Gyllenhaal? Is it that it's Disney? I'm not sure what it is. But I know I'd like it!

2. Letters to Juliet.

3. Sex and the City 2. I've heard it's not good at all but I want to try to see it anyway.

4. Robin Hood. I have always, always loved Robin Hood movies. I have no idea.

5. Shrek Forever After. It is no secret that the Fresh family loves Shrek. A lot. Kelly told me on Sunday that she'd heard tickets for it were $20. I was appalled by this and looked it up. I am happy to report that adult admission in our town for the 3-D version is a mere $12. (Again, I'd love a million dollars!!!)

6. Killers.

7. Toy Story 3. James got the first installment of this movie in his Easter Basket this year and we enjoyed it! I know that he wouldn't enjoy it now, but I imagine this will be one of those movies we get when he's older and watch it over and over!

8. Eclipse. I just rented New Moon. I'm still not totally impressed with this series. I admire Stephenie Meyer's writing and I love that it has gotten so many people reading and I love that her characters have good morals, but I am so creeped out by the Edward Cullen character. (I do have to admit that I like Jacob a lot.)

9. Little Fockers. I had NO IDEA that they were making a third Meet the Parents. How fun!

10. Ramona and Beezus. There is no telling how many hours I spent as a child reading the Ramona books or watching the Ramona series on video checked out from the public library. Thousands, probably. Anyone else a fan? My favorite of the tv episodes was when she cracked an egg on her head in the cafeteria! (The fact that John Corbett is in it is icing on the cake!) (As a sidenote, Shelley had a hashbrown birthday cake for her thirtieth birthday that was iced with ketchup "icing." She got the idea from the books. If you know Shelley, this doesn't surprise you at all, I'm sure!)

So there you have it! What are you dying to see this summer? I'll be glad if I see one or two of these!

I've got my list of Top 10 Movie Rentals and Top 10 Summer TV Shows coming so think about those as well!

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Whitney J. said...

I also want to see Letters to Juliet!

Already saw Sex & The City 2--I had also heard it wasn't good, but I ended up loving it!

Killers & Eclipse are two others that are on my list.

And I had NO IDEA about the Little Fockers movie... I'm so excited now! That one is sure to be good.