Tuesday, June 8, 2010

That's Better...I Think

I've obviously made some changes to the blog in the last day or two. I'm not totally satisfied with how it turned out, but I think I'll leave it alone for now. I'm working on a better looking banner, but for now this is it. I hated all the wasted space on the sides and I wanted to be able to make the pictures larger. We'll see what stays and what goes!

On a sidenote, my Southern Living order is being shipped in the next day or two. I am so excited about what is coming in. I'll post pictures of what I do with it.

In addition to blogging and Southern Living-ing, I've been scrubbing the kitchen, getting things together for an upcoming trip, and working on The Boy's birthday party stuff a teensy bit more!

Hope the week is going great!


pcb said...

Like the lighter background...the dark green background was hard on my old-lady eyes. :)

Also, I love the banner picture...it's a classic.

pcb said...
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Lauren and Eddie said...

Good! I'm still working on creating a better-looking banner but the picture will remain for a while, I think. I like it.