Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lake Keowee: June 12th, Day 1

On Saturday, we set out for the Smith Family Vacation. I used to attend the yearly vacation every summer but somewhere around college I began missing out. I'm not sure if there has even been a trip in the past two years, but it just happened to work in our favor this year!

In the past, we've vacationed at places like St. George Island, Florida and Fripp Island, South Carolina. We stayed with South Carolina this year but traveled west to Lake Keowee, near Clemson.

We set out Saturday morning around 9:30, but had to make a quick stop to Dick's Sporting Goods in Macon to buy the golfer a new pair of shoes and a new golf bag. (Happy Father's Day!)

I called Mary Beth once we hit the road again to let her know what time we'd be arriving in ATHENS, Georgia. I was SO excited to see Mary Beth and SO excited to be in Athens again. It's such a beautiful, fun town. If Eddie came home today and told me we'd be moving up there, I'd go in a second. I really, really miss it.

Mary Beth and I have been friends since I was in the first grade and she was in the second. We lived together my senior year of college when she was a first-year graduate student in Social Work. So many fun memories! Mary Beth and her husband, Dutch, are expecting their first baby (a girl!) in July. We also hadn't seen their house that they'd bought when they got married almost two years ago. A visit was long over-due.

We thoroughly enjoyed visiting with them and eating lunch at Your Pie (My Pie? I can't remember...). It was DELICIOUS and it's probably a good thing that wasn't there when I was. Between Barberitos, Moe's, Jason's Deli, Mexicali...I could go on and on...I was good-to-go on the quick unhealthy foods!

We look forward to seeing them again soon! (I could just kick myself for not taking a single picture!) Hopefully we'll be able to spend a weekend with them in the fall when it's cool outside. We'll play with the babies and watch football! (Go DAWGS!)

That afternoon we hit the road again in pursuit of the final destination: Lake Keowee. James was a fantastic car rider and the stop in the middle really made the trip feel quick!

We arrived, unpacked, and walked down to the lake to watch the brave jump off the top dock. (I never did get the guts to do it.)

Betsy grilled hamburgers for supper and we enjoyed spending time with the family. James took his very first boat ride but I didn't have my camera with me. I captured all subsequent boat rides, though!

The Boy was an okay sleeper all week long (except for one tough evening when he'd just had enough). He got up every morning before 6:30, though. That was a little tough. More to come soon!

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