Friday, June 11, 2010

Fun Thursday...

James and I got up bright and early yesterday morning and hit the road to Tifton by 9 am! (That's a record in case you're wondering!!!)

We arrived just in time to pick Cacky up from the Toyota place where she'd dropped off her car. After we dropped her off at her house we went to see Grandmama and drop off Scout who is staying at "Camp Fresh" for a week of fun with the boy dogs. We visited with Grandmama and Granddaddy, showing off our "scooting" crawl and our dance moves. After a quick visit James started getting a little grumpy and hungry so we loaded up to go back to Cacky's for some lunch. As we were leaving Aunt Kelly got to peek in the car to talk to James for a minute.

James was immediately greeted by Aunt Sassy upon arrival at Cacky's. She was very excited that our visit was during her lunch hour. James entertained everyone by showing off his eating skills - green beans and oatmeal with apples. We enjoyed visiting!

Cacky got James to take a quick nap in her lap before Poppy got home. James and Poppy enjoyed sitting on the floor and stacking up cups then knocking them down. He scooted all over the place and growled and danced. My child has never been shy around anyone and thoroughly enjoys "talking" to everyone he is around!

We made a super-quick trip by to see MaMa, Leta, and Mike where James further showed off knocking over blocks and waving when we left. He's such a ham!

On our way back home we stopped by the Bargeron's to visit Lori, Charlie, and John Michael (and Chuck for about 3 seconds before he was sent out to mow the grass! ha!). Charlie talked my ears off and I enjoyed spending time with that little man! John Michael is still TEENSY and I got to love on him for a few minutes. I think at 3 weeks old he's still smaller than James was when he was born! We never knew James that tiny! His little fingers and legs are still so skinny!!! (And he has WAY more hair than my husband and child combined!)

James slept the entire way home and was happy to see his daddy when we arrived. Eddie was mowing the grass and then cooked supper for us later. James stayed up until past 9 o'clock and was sure to tell us that he didn't appreciate being awake that late!!!

Today we're working on cleaning up the house and getting some things packed up for a fun trip we have planned! I can't wait! I'm sure there will be pictures galore (even though I didn't take the first picture yesterday!)

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Catherine White said...

Aww I'm so glad you got to go home! I'm jealous! I love all the names James has for your family-they are precious!!!!