Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Update...

The boys and I had a pretty low-key Mother's Day. We skipped church. I know, I know...we're heathens. However, someone doesn't know about weekend time yet and refused to sleep late. James was up a little after 7 so we were up in time to go to church (we go to the early service) but we just didn't get there.

We went for lunch at Outback. It was delicious and totally non-diet. (I promise I do have a diet update...not a great one, mind you, but an update nevertheless.) We thoroughly enjoyed our Heart-Attack-On-A-Plate (aka the Bloomin' Onion) and when my actual meal came I was only able to take three bites before asking for a box. Ha! We broke our streak of having something go wrong while we were there. Every time Eddie and I have been to Outback since I was about 39 weeks pregnant (and we've been several times in that span) something has inevitably gone wrong. Outback has been fantastic in taking care of whatever the problem was (even if it was really, really minor) and they've comp-ed something or given us free dessert or whatever. And that's why we continue to go back! Because they're great! But yesterday, sadly, nothing went wrong. Ha! I was sort of hoping for some peanut butter pie to go! Oh well!

After Outback we went to get a few things at Target and then just wandered around there until some little boy decided to be a grouch and need a nap and tell us he was ready to go. Needless to say, it doesn't take much for us to get the picture!

We spent the afternoon just hanging out around the house. Eddie was able to get several things done that he'd really, really needed to get done. (James has a mobile above his crib now - we're only 7 months late and he's not even supposed to have it anymore, but it is hanging!) I did mostly nothing.

The boys got me a pair of white gold hoop earrings. They're very pretty.

James has been doing a few new things lately. He decided to say "Da-da" in reference to Eddie on Saturday. He did it not once, but twice. It made his daddy's day and I am putting it down as his first word. I mentioned a few weeks back that he was saying "mamamamamama," but I think it was a fluke. It was never directed at me and he's given up on saying it at all. The "Da-das" were actually directed at Eddie. Little Stinker!

He has also become extremely mobile. He's not actually crawling yet. Not forward anyway! He can push himself backwards until he gets stuck somewhere but he hasn't gone forward. He's definitely pushing up on his hands and knees and rocking. It won't be long! However, he can get wherever he wants to go by rolling. He can roll across a room in just a few seconds. I've had to watch him like a hawk lately. Gone are the days when I could just lay him down and walk away. I can't even put him on my bed anymore without standing right next to him. He's a little steam roller!

Eddie got James dressed yesterday and he put him in a pair of khaki shorts and a gray t-shirt that has Tonka trucks on the front of it. He looked like a little boy. Where has my baby gone???

All in all our weekend was fun but without much excitement. Our week looks like it might be pretty low-key as well. Next weekend we'll be home again and we're hoping to get 6-month (almost 7-month) pictures made in Macon if it's not raining. AND our neighborhood is organizing a yard sale so I think we might throw James in the stroller and venture out for that. Maybe we'll find some goodies!!!

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