Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good Day!

This morning, James woke me up at 6:30 to eat but he went right back to sleep. I started the day off with some "Boy Meets World" (HA!) which I hadn't seen in years and years. It was a wonderful flashback. Since James decided to go back to sleep I was able to eat breakfast and do my blog searches/email check by myself which makes me happy. I got him up around 8:45 so that we could get ready for our visitor!

Cacky (my mama) came to visit! Yea! We made a trip to Hobby Lobby and enjoyed just browsing around the store. I'm a nut and have already been planning James' first birthday party in my head. Hobby Lobby had LOTS of stuff for the theme we're (I'm) planning so we were pleased to see all of it! I'm planning on a budget and am keeping my eyes peeled for deals and coupons. I wonder how cheaply I can create a REALLY super cute party. I'll keep you posted. I also got a really cute brown and cream zebra print rug for the half bath. I think it looks really cute!

James was a tired little boy so we put him in the car and ran through Zaxby's for lunch. He slept for a while in his carseat while Mom and I flipped through cookbooks.

After lunch we pulled out my sewing machine and attempted to sew a few new "wubbies." MaraDare made James this cute "porta-wubbie" (tiny, take-along blanket) at Christmas and he loves it. At night while he's being rocked he needs a pacifier and some sort of lovey to hold on to. If the wubbie is dirty we just give him a clean burp cloth. I decided he needed another wubbie in case one is dirty. MaraDare is a sewing rockstar, though, because half of it is minky and it is HARD to sew. That, combined with the fact that my bobbin wouldn't cooperate (a year ago I didn't even know what a bobbin was...) made for an unsuccessful attempt. No new wubbies for now...just a big mess!

After Mom left and Eddie got home we made a run to Lowe's (I don't go NEARLY as much now that Eddie has a partner in crime to take with him...hallelujah!). I made pancakes for myself for supper and Eddie decided he didn't want any...but then he did want some but I didn't hear him say so. He's spent the evening pretending not to be mad at me for leaving him out. They weren't even very good. Not my best effort. I was sorely disappointed.

Another highlight of my day came when I got a phone call from one of my best friends. I haven't talked to her in for.e.ver and even when we have talked I feel like we've been "missing" each other. I have not been a good listener since I've had a baby. Things literally go in one ear and out the other. Tonight I sat and really, really listened to my friend buzz on and on about how happy she is. And I'm SO happy for her because I'd been worried about her. I can't wait to hear good news keep pouring on her!

Another friend emailed me tonight to tell me that she's pregnant again. She's been dealing with polycystic ovarian syndrome and unfortunately lost a baby right after James was born. But she's pregnant again! It's VERY early - 4 weeks - into her pregnancy so she's still holding her breath and trying not to get excited about it. Keep her in your prayers. (She's not a friend from Tifton so most of you won't know her...I can't think of anyone who reads who would know her. Didn't want to get anyone's hopes up about someone being pregnant.)

As long as I'm talking about fun things, I got the most random Facebook message on Friday night. I was sitting in bed like I am now (Eddie likes to go to bed a lot earlier than I do - I'm still such a night owl - and I don't like being up by myself...I'm such a chicken) and my email alerted me I had a new message. The sender was one of Mom's friends from before I was born. The two had stayed in contact on and off after they'd both had children. We visited the friend many, many years ago and I have really good memories of going to the Jackson Zoo with her and seeing baby cheetahs in the zoo's nursery. I also remember falling in a Burger King parking lot on the way home and scraping my rest. It left a scar, which was a HUGE deal to me because I didn't have any scars or birth marks and I really, really wanted one. (Hello, I'm Lauren and I'm a HUGE weirdo!) (I think I wanted one because Anna had, like, three and I was jealous. Again...I'm a HUGE weirdo! Anna hates hers!) (My baby has three birth marks!) Anyway, they'd lost touch over the years and she found me on Facebook in hopes of reconnecting. Since Friday they've exchanged emails and have spoken on the phone. So fun!

I did hear some unfortunate news from a friend tonight. She's been dealing with a TON of stressful stuff and more was poured on her today. I am just sick for her. She doesn't need all of the stress she's been dealing with but she's handled it and been so strong through it all. She's an inspiration!

What GOOD news did you get today? Is there a friend you haven't spoken with in a while that you can reconnect with? It's such a good feeling! Who is on your heart and in your prayers?

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Anna Catherine said...

You are the biggest weirdo I've ever met and if I'd know you were jealous, I would have rubbed it in your face everyday instead of being self-conscious about them! haha!

My good news, I got to hang out with the best roommate in the world, Alisabeth, last weekend! I signed up for Netflix (finally) since Lance and I were spending zillions of dollars on overdue movies! I got 10 more sheet orders this week!