Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weekend Update!

What a busy, fun weekend!

Last Thursday, Cacky visited. I reminded her that we'd talked about going to the Cherry Blossom Festival this week, but she wanted to come anyway. "That's a whole different week, Lauren!" What was I thinking? She had to show me the fabric samples that she's looking at for her new sofas and insisted that I needed to see them as soon as possible. Sonny and I are both on to her...she didn't care about me seeing those things! I guess my grandmother readers will understand this one! It's so funny to me!

On Friday, we went to WR to run some errands. We had dinner at Fatz, per Eddie's request. They'd sent him a free Calabash Chicken meal coupon and he knew what he wanted for his birthday dinner! (If you've never been to Fatz before, they're famous for their chicken fingers. They are scrumptious but there is SO much food. We always have two meals out of it. When I was pregnant they had two different sizes - they've now done away with the smaller size - and the waiter tried to talk me out of ordering the big one. I scoffed at how ridiculous he was being. He didn't know how much I could eat at the end of my pregnancy! Whew! That man was RIGHT! It was HUGE! But fantastic!)

After we left Fatz we went to Petsmart again. We bought Scout a line so that when Eddie's working in the yard he can put her on it to keep her from escaping. She's been known to run and not come back. The line we'd gotten was too long so we took it back. We also looked at the nasty rats and hamsters while we were there. Bleh! They give me the creeps. (Sorry, Julie!!!) Michael's and Old Navy were also on the list for picture frames and looking at spring church clothes.

On Saturday we spent most of our time outside in the beautiful weather! Eddie and James went to Lowe's and bought some Encore Azaleas. They're white, which I requested, since we have a pinkish brick house. Pinks and reds cannot be used! :) I also spent the afternoon mopping the floors inside. I usually just do a room or two at a time since it's hard to move around when you've mopped the whole house but I hunkered down and knocked out the whole thing. I had to "paint" us into our bedroom on Saturday night so that we wouldn't walk on the wet floors.

Sunday morning I agreed to go to church. We wound up NOT going last weekend because someone was up every.single.hour of the night AND we lost an hour with the time change. This week, though, we prevailed! We dropped James in the nursery (I might've emailed the children's director earlier in the week to get the scoop on the nursery...) and went to church. I can't tell you much about the sermon except that she talked about the Prodigal Son and compared him to one of Billy Graham's grandsons. I listened a lot but zoned out a lot as well. Eddie thought I was a crazy lady because I had butterflies in my stomach through the whole service and flew out of the sanctuary to go get my boy.

Sunday afternoon the Freshes came for Eddie's birthday. We met them at Longhorn for lunch. Afterwards, they came to our house for cake and to watch some TV. I'm such a bad hostess. I feel like we never DO anything when our families come up. It was rainy and cold, though, so inside was the best place to be. We showed Mrs. Bobby a new TV show - Minute to Win It. I thought she might be able to use some of the games in PE.

That's our weekend in a nutshell! We're ready for that beautiful, warm weather to return! So glad we didn't have SNOW last weekend like they did in Texas and Arkansas. Crazy! Spring needs to get here with a quickness!

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Anonymous said...

Grandmother's don't need reasons to visit. Oh wait, James is reason enough:)