Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Easter Bunny is OUT of Control...

I left the boys at home last night so that I could run an errand to Target. That errand being: Easter Basket Essentials. I'm not sure about your families, but at our house growing up Easter Baskets were NOT over-the-top. Sometimes there was cash in our baskets (along with candy, of course), sometimes it was a book, sometimes we got a movie. (Eddie says he got $100 bills...somehow I doubt that.) Do you remember those bendy Easter bunnies? The ones with long arms and legs that could wrap themselves around things? For some reason, I remember those being in our baskets on more than one occassion.

There are several jokes on my Dad's side of our family about our Easter baskets. One year, I walked downstairs to discover my Easter basket and made the comment that "The Easter Bunny walked on this floor!" Oh, to have that kind of excitement again! Another year, John got a hatchet from the Easter Bunny. Did you know that the Easter Bunny was the deliverer of such weapons to little boys? He did NOT get his Red Rider BB Gun from the Easter Bunny...that came from Santa Claus. (No, really...)

Anyway, last night I left the boys and went to Target with a few items in mind to "suggest" to the Easter Bunny for both of the boys. I left after spending a lot more money than I planned. I'll show you what they both got on Easter Sunday. After telling Eddie that I spent a lot of money, I made the comment that I SAVED us $20. How did I do that? I put back the shirt I picked out for myself that I'd carried around the store for 45 minutes. I could've spent an additional $20!

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