Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Belated Weekend Update...AND Sleeping in His Room!

If I'm completely honest, I really do the Weekend Updates for myself so that I can look back and know when we did certain things. I do enjoy sharing about our lives with all you three readers, but ultimately it's for me!

There's been so much going on in other people's lives this week that I haven't even thought about posting what we did last weekend. Continue to keep Reed in your prayers. Heather posted an update last night and while it looks promising, she is well aware that anything could change at any time. Another friend, Lyndsae, had baby girl twins late last night or early this morning. They were 4 weeks early (which I think is still full-term for twins) and weighed 5 lbs.,4 oz. and 5 lbs., 10 oz. each. Say prayers for sweet Hadley Harper and Sara Cayden! (I got all information from Facebook! Ha! If it's wrong, I'm sorry!!!)

Ok, so our weekend. On Friday we planned to go to a Bears' Baseball game. It was looking pretty cruddy at lunchtime so I sent an email to the coach (whose classroom I shared last year) and he let me know that it was called off. Instead, Eddie picked up Zaxby's (thanks to a coupon we ate for about $7!) and we had a picnic in the living room!

Saturday wasn't any more productive for me. I've been fighting bad headaches lately. We're not sure if it's hormones due to nursing or because my contacts prescription needs to be changed or the pressure in the weather BUT I've been hurting. James went to Lowe's with Eddie and Eddie worked around the house, but I was mostly a slug.

On Sunday afternoon we went to Petsmart to get a certain chatty puppy a muzzle. We've discovered two things about Scout: she barks at Eddie when he gets home so that he'll notice her (this isn't so much a discovery as an annoyance) and she's a "fear-biter." She hasn't bitten, but she has snapped and we think it's just due to personality since I've had her since 6 weeks. She's always been a chicken, but the older she gets, the meaner she gets. A website suggested a muzzle so that she can be socialized without hurting anyone or herself. SO - the muzzle works for her incessant barking (she's only had to wear it once - then Eddie could show it to her and she'd stop) and so that she can be walked without biting our tiny little neighbors (children are so scary!).

After Petsmart we went to Target and Toys 'R Us and then to Sonic. Toys 'R Us was a COMPLETE success. My favorite friends gave me the video monitor that I requested on my registry. didn't work for us. Our crib is BIG because it's a transition crib and the monitor couldn't be attached to the side. There was no furniture close enough for it to work and we sort of hated to mount it on the wall. In addition, there wasn't a portable parent was limited to my bedside table. I should've done my research on that one! We took it back and exchanged it for another monitor that we've been using since Monday and I HIGHLY recommend it. It's the Graco iMonitor. It isn't a video monitor, but it has TWO parent receivers that are both portable. It also vibrates if you want it to so that if whatever you're doing is loud (running on the treadmill, vacuuming, etc.) you won't miss the crying.

On that note, James has SLEPT IN HIS OWN BED for the past two nights. It's a miracle. At almost five months! Monday night was stinky. He was up every 2 hours for either a snack or his pacifier. I think he was a little unsure about the new place. Last night I fed him at 5, Eddie fed him his cereal at 7:30, he had a bath and was rocked and put down by 9, woke up to nurse at 11:30, woke up to nurse at 4:30, and woke up for good at 9:15! WOOHOO! If I hadn't found a movie on TV I would've gotten a LOT of sleep! Ha!

We're going to keep at it and hopefully he'll start sleeping through the night again soon. I was pleased with last night, though!!!

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