Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Update...

Once again, the weeks go by fast and the weekends go by faster!

On Friday night we went to Casa Mexico for dinner. We hadn't been there in a while and it was fantastic. It never fails to please when we want greasy Mexican food! Ha! Eddie had his usual - quesadillas and I branched out and had chicken soft tacos. Lovely.

On Saturday morning we got up and got a few things done around the house before we had to get ready to head to Tifton. We had January Dinner Club at the Perry's house. We have discovered why people with children are late wherever they go. We changed James from jammies to cute outfit #1 to cute outfit #2 before we left. Then, while we were in Tifton, he was changed to cute outfit #3 and back to jammies. Whew! The laundry!
We stopped by Mom's house before Dinner Club to visit for a while. Aunt Sassy, Cacky, and Poppy fought over James the whole time and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to have a break!
We went from Mom's to the Day's to the Perry's. I LOVE getting together with these friends. Thinking back, we've become SO close over the past 3 years. (Individually, some were already close. Eddie and Chuck were born days apart and have known each other since then. Eddie, Amy, and Chuck went to Mother's Morning Out together. Add Jelks in during the school-age years. MaraDare and Cal were church friends of the others. Lori and Chuck got married a few years before Eddie and I started dating and she and I became great friends through the boys. MaraDare, Cal, Amy, and Jelks all moved back to Tifton around the same time that I met Shelley through teaching. We started our "Share Group" about 3 years ago. "Share Group" morphed into "Dinner Club" when we decided we'd rather eat than read and discuss. Shelley and Keith joined the group then. Babies have been born. Eddie and I got married. More babies were born. It's just been so much fun growing together!) I wouldn't change this group for anything in the world!
Anyway...Amy says that James falls asleep every time she holds him. I tend to agree. I think it's because she's so calm and comforting. Look that the cheeks on that boy!

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