Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Visit With Cacky

Yesterday Cacky came for a visit with Little James. (As a sidenote, a few people have asked how she got the name Cacky. Her name is Carolyn but she called herself "Cacky" when she was little. Some of her family members still used the name - her brother and her daddy, mostly. Aunt Sassy thinks "Cacky is Tacky" but we think it's cute!) We love when Cacky visits!

James enjoyed showing off all kinds of skills while she was here. He's learned to roll from his back to his stomach and from his stomach to his back. He also showed off his bouncing skills in his Jumperoo. Mostly, he enjoyed sitting in her lap and talking to her!

Thanks for lunch, Cacky! Come again! (Next week? When will you be here?)

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